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Halloween Math Worksheets for Grades 1 and 2

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Halloween Math Worksheets for Grades 1 and 2 are perfect for helping the kids work on their math skills. Use these free printable Halloween math worksheets as a way to help them get excited about math! Math activities and math problems don’t have to be scary at all! These fun Halloween math worksheets are perfect for 1st grade and even up to 3rd grade, too! Looking for more Halloween Worksheets? I’ve got you covered!

The kids will have so much fun with these Halloween math problems! Instead of having them stop their learning fun, just toss in some fun math worksheets!

Halloween multiplication and division and addition and subtraction can be a great way to create some Halloween fun. Learning and fun are always a good combination.

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What is the math games included in this printable?

These Halloween worksheets offer grade-level fun! These free Halloween-themed printables have several pages full of fun images and math problems.

What it includes:

Use these to supplement your math lesson plans and the kids will learn how to add, subtract, and do so visually and with numbers.

These worksheets are perfect for getting them geared up and excited for all things Halloween!

Fun ways to use this printable:

Think outside the box for some super fun Halloween activities that will pair perfectly with this printable.

Work on their reading comprehension

After they get done with the worksheets, have the kids work on their reading. Grab some Halloween books and sit down and have a read-a-thon in the house!



Count the candy corn

And I’m talking about the tasty candy corn treats! Have the kids count out the candy corn and work on their numbers with some tasty treats.

Turn this printable into a coloring page

Grab some markers or crayons and have the kids color the different Halloween images. This will teach them that they can use printables for more than one method of learning.

More Printable Halloween fun:

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