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50 States Printable Game

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This 50 States Printable Game is perfect for teaching little ones about the great United States. Not only will they learn fun facts, but they’ll have fun learning, too! Pair this with my State Facts Files, and it’s sure to be a hit.

Learning about the 50 states is never a bad idea. The kids can slow down, remember specific facts, and have fun simultaneously! Check out the free printable game below!

With so many states to learn about, this printable game will provide hours of learning fun for the kids. All you have to do is print and let the learning games begin!

What is the learning benefit of this game?

I love combining games and learning fun! This printable game shows the kids that they can learn about all the US states and make it fun!

This will help with their critical thinking and analytical skills, among other things. They’ll also be educated about the states as they go through the game pages!

Having a fun game like this means they can learn more about the history of the states, and they might even want to challenge you to the game to see what you know! Talk about a fun family feud!



What it includes:

The printable game will be sent to your inbox with the click of a button. It’s not just a few pages – I’ve jam-packed this game with many great learning resources!

Included in the printable US States game are:

  • Fun facts
  • Name the states
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Word search
  • and more!

A map also helps identify the states and where they are located!

Fun ways to use this printable:

Use this fun state printable game, then branch off for more state learning! Here are a few simple resources and ideas to get you started!

Make a list of as many state capitals from memory

The game is simple yet educational—they must name off as many state capitals as possible.

With a map spread across the wall and adrenaline fuelling their eager spirits, they shout out names one after another, learning through play.

This game sharpens their memory and ignites a joyous spark in learning about geography. It’s delightful to see them taking turns and shouting out as many state capitals as they can remember.

It’s not just a game; it’s an adventure across the map, one capital at a time! You might even learn a thing or two!



Learn more about individual states

Did you know that I have a shop full of state learning resources? I love putting together resources that help grow the kid’s minds!

Some of the options in my shop are:

My shop has resources for all 50 states – lapbook and unit studies! I also have the jumbo pack of over 700 pages, a unit study for the US!

Shop My Learning Printables:

The following homeschool picks of mine can be found in my shop. Simply click the image that interests you!

Color the map of the United States

With each state outlined, children can learn geography in the most interactive and fun way by assigning a rainbow of colors to the various regions.

From the golden coasts of California to the lush greens of Vermont, it’s an educational adventure that promises to enhance their creative skills and geographical knowledge.

Bringing the family together for this hands-on activity creates a great bonding experience. It instills a sense of wonder and discovery in the young ones as they personalize their map of the expansive USA.

More Printable Games for Kids:

These games provide a crucial off-screen outlet for children to engage in hands-on play, which is essential for developing cognitive skills and motor coordination.

Printable games often encourage problem-solving and critical thinking and can reinforce educational concepts in a fun and interactive way. Additionally, they are an excellent resource for parents and educators looking to keep children occupied with constructive and educational activities.

Printable games can be tailored to suit children’s varying developmental stages and interests, making them a versatile option for learning and entertainment.

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