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Earth Day Handwriting Printables (Grades 1 and 2)

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Help your first and second-grade student(s) improve their handwriting skills with this fun Earth Day handwriting printable! This is also a great way to discuss the upcoming Earth Day and how your child can do her (or his) part in keeping the planet clean!

If you want a learning printable that is great for early learners, this is it! It’s a fun and easy handwriting worksheet that they can start and complete independently!

Using handwriting worksheets is a simple way to give them confidence in their writing abilities. They’ll be able to take over and trace over the letters, to write out all the words!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Writing and learning how to write well are essential parts of growth. This printable shows the kids the correct way to write letters and provides a line for them to write the letters on.

Since they’ll be writing the exact words and letters repeatedly, this can be an excellent exercise to simultaneously work on memory and hand-eye coordination.

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What’s Included:

This is a great way to work on their writing skills! This simple Earth Day printable is one page full of letters and words.

This can then prompt conversations, outdoor activities, and grand plans to make the Earth a better place.

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Fun Ways to use this Printable:

While it’s simple to print and start writing right away, don’t forget that there are other things that the kids can use these printables for.

Here are a few ideas to help get everyone thinking outside the box!

Start a recycling bin

Since this printable is about Earth Day, what better time than now to start recycling at home?

Talk to the kids about how to recycle, and then set a plan to do so moving forward. The kids will love being a part of the process, and you’ll love knowing they’re learning a valuable and important lesson.

Add more words

This printable is not the entire list of essential words to focus on for Earth Day, so let the kids add more words to the list.

This is a fun way for them to think and talk about different words while simultaneously working on their handwriting skills.

Go on an Earth Day hike

Taking the time to enjoy the beauty of nature together is vital to do! The world is waiting to explore outside the door or window, so why not start immediately?

Take the family on a hike or bike ride, or enjoy sitting outside on the porch. You can’t go wrong when you’re out in nature, getting fresh air!

What are ways that a family can celebrate Earth Day?

This Earth Day, take some time to appreciate the beauty of our planet with your family! One way to celebrate is to pick an outdoor activity you all can do together.

You could hike a nearby nature trail, or if the weather is nice, organize a picnic in your backyard or at a park.

Helping out in the local community is another excellent way to mark the day – think volunteering at a beach clean-up, planting trees in a park, or signing up for a beach monitoring program.

If spending time indoors is your style, get creative by making art projects inspired by nature and its preservation.

Make it educational – have each family member research an endangered species, then create something symbolic of their findings to decorate the house.

Celebrating Earth Day isn’t only fun – it can help forge strong family bonds while creating positive change for the planet and future generations of families!

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