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Earth Day Printable Word Search

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The kids are going to love this Earth Day Word Search. This Earth Day word search for kids is a fun way to celebrate Earth Day with a simple educational activity as well. Make certain to check out our other free Earth Day printables!

Teaching your children to love planet Earth is so simple with these Earth Day related words.

All the words to find in this puzzle are about reduce, reuse, recycle and is a fun activity for the kids to easily do at home.

earth day word search printable worksheet

All the words hidden are easy to find and a great confidence builder for the kids as well.

Earth Day word search puzzles are the best! They’re so much fun for everyone in the family to join in and do together as well!

What is in this Earth Day Word Search printable?

The printable is full of fun words all about going green! it’s a great activity to put the focus on saving our Earth and doing our part.

This themed word search is a great reminder of the importance of Earth Day. All the kids have to do is find the words, circle the words, and have fun!

What it includes:

This free printable includes one sheet full of scrambled letters the kids will have to filter through and find the words.

Fun ways to use this printable:

While a word puzzle can be pretty straight-forward, there are a few other fun ways that you can use this printable.

Follow up with comprehensive questions

Don’t just stop with the worksheets. Make up a list of conversation starts to talk to your kids about the Earth as well.

Create a writing prompt based on the words

Once all the words are found, have the kids write out a statement about how they’re going to help out on Earth Day in making the world a better place.

Add more words to the list

Let the kids create their own answer key and see if they can add up to 20 words total for this fun search. They might have some really great words that would go perfectly.

free earth day word worksheet

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