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Famous Wisconsin Recipes

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Famous Wisconsin Recipes include bratwurst, cream puffs, Limburger sandwiches, Swedish pancakes, Danish kringle, and beer cheese soup.

Check out our 50 states unit study for some fun states info! These popular recipes will remind you of the best part of being in Wisconsin. 

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Don’t forget to check out this Wisconsin Unit Study as well to learn more about fun state facts and history.
This midwestern state has two coastlines on the Great Lakes, fresh local fruit, water sports, the largest woolly mammoth ever excavated, and its local cheese and wine production. 

These ten food categories include three recipes from notable professional chefs and home chefs, with the recipe testing and dish development done for you. All you need to do is enjoy the wonderful combinations that make these dishes uniquely Wisconsin.


These sausages are stuffed with spices, herbs, and sometimes jalapenos. They are bold and often spicy and served in toasted buns topped with mustard, pickle relish, and chopped onions. 

2. Cream Puffs 

Light and fluffy pastry balls are hollowed out and filled with stiff chantilly cream. They are perfect for a light dessert at home or to bring to a party. 

3. Limburger Sandwich 

Sandwiches made with rye bread slices are topped with soft and stinky Limburger cheese, sliced apples, onions, and brown mustard. These unique sandwiches are a famous Wisconsin recipe.  

4. Swedish Pancakes 

Thin Swedish pancakes are traditionally made with eggs, milk, butter, flour, salt, and sugar. They are rolled up like crepes and topped with buttermilk syrup and fresh fruit. 

5. Danish Kringle 

This sweet Danish dessert is made from butter and egg-rich dough and filled with an almond filling. It’s topped with sliced almonds, raw sugar, and drizzled with icing. 

Beer Cheese Soup

This popular soup is made with light beer, shredded cheeses, chicken stock, heavy cream, hot sauce, and diced vegetables. It’s rich, savory, and delightful on any cold night.

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7. Fried Cheese Curds 

Wisconsin is a big producer of cheese and you can find it in various forms in every restaurant. This appetizer is made by taking small pieces of mozzarella, breading, and frying them. They are served melty hot with a marinara sauce for dipping. 

8. Norwegian Meatballs 

You’ve probably seen these meatballs served at your local Ikea or ate them as a kid at home. They are made with eggs, milk, breadcrumbs, onions, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, ground beef, and ground pork. They are served in a savory gravy made with beef broth, butter, flour, heavy cream, and onions. 

9. Cornish Pasties 

Cornish pasties are the national dish of Cornwall, England, and are made by filling a flaky dough with cubed skirt steak, chopped potatoes, rutabaga, and onions. They are a famous Wisconsin recipe. 

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10. Cherry Pie 

Cherries are incredibly popular in Wisconsin because they are grown in abundance in the state. They are used in all kinds of desserts and savory dishes. Cherry pie is easy to make at home with easy-to-find ingredients whether you use fresh, canned, or frozen cherries. 

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