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Easy DIY Gingerbread Soap Recipe

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I love winter. It’s just the best time of year and having the full experience includes making easy DIY Gingerbread Soap to make my whole bathroom smell like Christmas and winter.

And it’s not difficult to make your own gingerbread soap, so making a few bars of soap for a homemade gift idea is a no-brainer. So, definitely get ready to make some homemade gingerbread soap.

If you’re here for all the most awesome soap and want to expand your horizons, check out these four ways to make soap base. It’s amazing how changing one small element of a soap recipe can make the most awesome changes to lather, feel, rinse and everything.

gingerbread melt and pour soap recipe

But back to this awesome and easy gingerbread soap. It’s so easy to make and since it’s made on a goat’s milk soap base with just gingerbread fragrance oils and colorant, it’s a super basic recipe.

I mean, there’s just so many great ideas. Let’s get makin’!

DIY Gingerbread Soap:

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You don’t have to be a chemist to make handmade soap! However, you will need a few materials and ingredients for this recipe, including:



More DIY Recipes Using Essential Oils:

Although this recipe only relies on gingerbread scented oil, I love a good recipe that makes use of these tools. So, in case you’re curious, I have some very cool essential oil blends that make life so much easier.

natural gingerbread soap recipe with essential oils

More Homemade Soap Recipes:

Once you’ve made this awesome soap for the holidays, you’re going to realize just how ridiculously easy it is to make. And you’re probably going to want a few more soap ideas for gifts. I mean, it’s just such a fun gift to make AND get. So, I pulled together some of my favorites.

how to make gingerbread soap at home

If you wanted to go crazy, you could always turn your gingerbread soap into adorable gingerbread man soaps by pouring a little of the completely melted soap base into a gingerbread men mold.

make your own gingerbread soap

Easy DIY Gingerbread Soap Recipe

Yield: 8 Bars
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $3

I just can't get over how wonderful this gingerbread soap smells. It's like filling the bathroom with the smell of Christmas and winter.


  • Soap Mold
  • Butter Knife


  1. Separate the soap base into two microwaveable bowls--1.3 pound in one bowl and 0.5 pound in the second. Homemade gingerbread soap bars Step One
  2. Place the bowl with the larger portion of soap into the microwave, and heat for 15 seconds, repeating until the soap is fully melted, but make sure not to boil the soap. 
  3. Add a teaspoon of Gingerbread scented oil to the melted soap. 
  4. Slowly add brown dye until you have a rich, golden brown like gingerbread. 
  5. Melt the smaller portion of soap, then add a teaspoon of gingerbread scent and a small portion of dye to make it a lighter caramel color. 
  6. Allow both soaps to cool until they are the consistency of cake batter. This will prevent them from combining while in the mold. 
  7. Pour a small amount of each mixture into the mold, so the colors are layered side by side, until half of each has been placed in the mold. 
  8. Slowly drag a butter knife through the soap to swirl them together. Make sure not to stir so as to combine the colors, just swirl. 
  9. Allow the soap in the mold to cool completely.
  10. Once this first layer of soap has cooled, reheat the remaining soap in 15-second increments. 
  11. Allow the heated soap to cool to cake batter consistency, then pour over the first layer of soap in layers, as you did with the first layer.
  12. Swirl a knife through the soap again. 
  13. Allow the soap to cool overnight. 
  14. Remove the soap from the mold and cut into bars.
  15. Wrap each bar in plastic film to prevent glycerin dew. 

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