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Easy DIY Hazelnut Soap Recipe

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When I was making some manly soap for my dude, I decided to make this easy DIY Hazelnut Soap Recipe. Simple, fun and smells so good, I feel like I could use it all day every day.

If you’re looking for more soap recipes, be sure to check out my Blueberry Soap Recipe. It’s definitely addictive.

easy diy hazelnut soap with ground coffee

I seriously love how this hazelnut coffee soap smells. I want to roll around in it and just take a bite out of it.

But, it’s soap, so I won’t. But let’s get making it!

How Do You Make Hazelnut DIY Soap?

There are so many ways to make handmade soap, so many ingredients that you can include in your cold process soap, like goats milk, shea butter, sunflower oil, olive oil or coconut oil.

Each change in any one ingredient adjusts the soap in such a way that it comes out unique and different, every time. You can customize it for the different skin types and really make a personal bar of soap for anyone as a gift.

But, the basics of making soap are all the same – mix it, let it harden – pop it out of the mold, or cut your soap loaf. So, with a few tips in mind, I made this excellent soap-making resource: Four Ways to Make a Soap Base.

Necessary Essential Oils:

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Essential oils are so much more than just fragrance oils. Sure, they do put some seriously good smells in the air, and make even the simplest batches of soap praise-worthy, but the truth is, the whole reason for using essential oils in soaps is to help with common skin problems.

hazelnut and coffee soap diy recipe

Must Have Resources:

When making soap at home, you really need to have the following Amazon affiliate tools on hand.



Benefits of Hazelnut

In order to get hazelnut oil the nuts are put through a machine called a press that actually squeezes out the oil from the nut. The oil is is most commonly used in cooking and for salad dressings. But, I like to use it to help make my hair silky and as a massage oil.

In addition to all these things, hazelnut oil can also be used in skin care products because it’s full of all sorts of skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids that help the skin to be more elastic and reduce damage from scars and the sun, and the like.

Let’s talk about THAT some more.

you can make this easy hazelnut coffee soap recipe

Safe for Sensitive Skin

In most cases, unless you’re allergic to nuts, hazelnut oil is generally safe for people, including those with sensitive skin. Even though hazelnut oil can be used as an astringent, because it doesn’t have any alcohol and it’s natural, it typically doesn’t cause the same kind of irritation and dryness that comes with those nasty chemical astringents in other products.


Because hazelnut oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acid, it can help increase hydration in the outermost layers of your skin.  This helps with your skin’s elasticity and keeps your skin looking young and firm. So, there’s that.

These fatty acids and all that vitamin E also act as a natural oil barrier on your skin that keeps it from drying out and retaining the water that it soaks up in the shower or bath.

Works as an Astringent

Hazelnut oil also boasts some tannins, a powerful antioxidant that helps to flush-out bacterial, clean off the bad bacterias on oily skin and actually shrink pores. This can help dry skin to retain moisture and just generally make your skin problems more mild and less of a problem.

homemade hazelnut coffee soap

More Soap Recipes:

you can make this easy hazelnut coffee soap recipe

Hazelnut Soap Recipe

Yield: 8
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $3

When I was making some manly soap for my dude, I decided to make this easy DIY Hazelnut Soap Recipe. Simple, fun and smells so good, I feel like I could use it all day every day.


  • ¾ lb shea butter melt and pour soap base
  • 1 tbsp hazelnut coffee grounds
  • 10 drops cinnamon bark essential oil


  • Large measuring cup, glass is best
  • Soap Mold
  • Spoon or wooden popsicle stick


  1. Cut soap base into 1 inch pieces and place in measuring cup. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir very well. If not completely melted, repeat at 10 second intervals until fully melted, stirring in between.
  2. Stir in coffee grounds
  3. Add essential oil. Stir well.
  4. Pour mixture into the soap molds.
  5. Lightly spray with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles from forming on the soap.
  6. Let set for about 60 minutes and remove from mold.

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Monday 15th of February 2021

I don’t see the hazelnut oil in the actual recipe??

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