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25+ Cinco de Mayo Desserts

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Check out this list of Cinco de Mayo desserts! Perfect for a fun family dinner and party! Easy recipes like this one will help everyone satisfy their sweet tooth.

If you want a list of recipes for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, this list has so many yummy options! It will be hard to narrow down all the sweets and treats!

What I love about this dessert list is that you will find all the various types of flavors! From citrus pie to chocolate dreams, I can’t decide which one I like the best!

What are some fun family games for Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is an excellent time for the family to gather and celebrate. Hosting a party or gathering in your living room, there are many fun games to get the whole family playing together.

A classic favorite is a bean bag toss, but kids especially love decorating their colorful piñata full of treats.

Musical chairs are also always a hit- instead of playing with chairs, have kids crawl through colorful paper hoops or jump over decorations as the music plays!

For larger families, you can divide into two even teams and play Charades or Pictionary- both of which guarantee plenty of laughter!

Lastly, no family gathering is complete without group bingo– customize it with pictures from Mexico or fill it with your trivia questions about Cinco de Mayo history to add an educational twist.



What are the most popular desserts to serve for Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to indulge in tasty traditional desserts! In Mexico, the most popular desserts served on May 5th include all sorts of delicious fruit-filled pastries, like empanadas and buñuelos. Flan always makes a grand appearance as well!

These sweet treats are often accompanied by some form of Mexican hot chocolate or Abuelita’s famous champurrado.

Americans typically enjoy tres leches cake and churros for their festivities.

Regardless of its origin, one thing is certain – any combination of these sugary delights makes for an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo celebration!

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What is a fun way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home?

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home can be a fun and festive affair that pays homage to Mexican culture. One way to turn your stay-at-home party into a fiesta is to plan a menu of traditional Mexican food, with dishes such as tacos, guacamole, rice, and refried beans.

You can also make festive decorations like brightly colored paper banners and streamers to hang around the room.

Get ready to salsa – cueing up some upbeat Latin tunes will create a celebratory atmosphere.

If you want to go all out, you can set up a makeshift bar area with chips and margaritas for a mini happy hour!

With these elements in place, it will be easy to spice up your stay-at-home Cinco de Mayo celebration and have an unforgettable good time.

25+ Cinco de Mayo Desserts

This list of desserts for Cinco de Mayo is full of tasty treats! I can’t wait to hear what you think of these yummy choices!

25+ Cinco de Mayo Desserts

This list of desserts for Cinco de Mayo is a great way to get your belly and tastebuds hungry for sweets!

How will you narrow it down and choose which one of these Cinco de Mayo desserts to start with?

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