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Cake Mix Recipe Ideas

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Outside of pound cake, I don’t remember eating very many made-from-scratch cakes as a kid. So whenever we wanted to have a chocolate cake or a white cake or a carrot cake, we turned to cake mix! I remember learning to make my first cake mix cake and thinking “This is so easy! Why am I not eating cake everyday?” LOL  Seriously, there are so many easy cake mix recipes that you really could eat it every single day!

Now we’ve learned that you can use cake mix to make all kinds of things – not just cakes! If you have boxes of cake mix stored in your pantry (and I know you do), try these easy peasy cake mix recipe ideas! You’ll learn how to use cake mix to make muffins, breakfast breads, truffles, and more!

Want to make a boxed cake mix into a bakery-worthy dessert? Try my tips for how to make cake mix better!

30+ Cake Mix Recipe Ideas

Cake Mix Recipe Ideas:

Everyone will love these delicious dessert recipes!

1. These Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake Mix Muffins would make a perfect weekday breakfast for the kids!

2. I love cake mix cookies. You can literally make them in a few minutes. Try these 3-Ingredient Cake Mix Cookies!

3. Use a boxed cake mix to put this Crockpot Apple Cobbler in a jiffy!

4. You can’t go wrong with you combine chocolate and peanut butter in these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Mix Cookies!

5. This Cake Mix Zucchini Bread is a fast way to bake up a sweet bread and sneak some veggies into your kids’ diets!

6. These Cookies and Cream Cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous and made from a cake mix!

7. Red Velvet cake is probably my favoritest cake of all. I can’t wait to make these Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies!

8. I’ve had banana pudding many, many times in my life. But never as a cake! This Banana Pudding Poke Cake looks great!

9. Get a taste of autumn with this easy recipe for Pumpkin Magic Cake – using boxed cake mix!

10. I make banana bread pretty often, but using a box of cake mix makes this Cinnamon Banana Bread Cake Mix Recipe much, much easier!

11. Use two different kinds of chips to make these indulgent Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies!

12. Loved the banana pudding poke cake? Try this Coconut Poke Cake – also made from a cake mix!

13. These French Vanilla Brownie Cupcakes feature a luscious vanilla filling in the center. I just know I’d eat, like, half of them.

14. I love how beautiful these Lemon Cake Truffles are! They’re easy to make but elegant enough to serve at a brunch!

15. Use a boxed cake mix to get this Cake Mix Peach Cobbler in the oven in no time!

Easy Cake Mix Recipe Ideas to Try

16. These Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake Mix Cookies are beautiful! Plus, they probably taste like strawberry cheesecake, so why NOT make them, right?

17. This Peach Dump Cake is so easy a child can make it! In fact, it’s probably a great first baking recipe for kids!

18. When all else fails, add more chocolate! These Double Chocolate Chip Oreo Cake Mix Cookies are a chocoholic’s dream!

19. You can’t get much simpler than a two-ingredient recipe. These 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins are simple to make!

20. These Mountain Dew Cupcakes are made from a boxed cake mix with a two-tone swirl frosting and a tangy taste kids will love!

21. Make this decadent Cake Mix Crockpot Lava Cake and top it with vanilla ice cream for an indulgent treat!

22. This Pink Lemonade Cake is just lovely! And, yep, it’s also made from cake mix!

23. Add a twist to basic cake mix cookies with this buttery Toffee Butter Pecan Cake Mix Cookies!

24. Love lemon? I do. And I can’t wait to try this cake mix-based recipe for Lemon Dump Cake!

25. We go blueberry picking every year, so I still have berries in my freezer. It’s a perfect time to try this Cake Mix Blueberry Cobbler!

26. These Coffee Cake Glazed Muffins are a perfect complement to your cup of early morning joe!

27. Of all the things you can make with cake mix, this No-Churn Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream was a real surprise to me. Actual cake batter in ice cream? Sign me up!

28. I love walnut brownies, so I know these Fudge Walnut Cake Mix Cookies are delicious!

29. These minty Chocolate Peppermint Cake Cookies are perfect for chocolate lovers!

30. This Carrot Cake Roll with Cream Cheese Icing is absolutely gorgeous. Serve it on a silver platter and add orange juice for a lovely dessert!

31. Take a dump cake and add even more sweetness with this Caramel Apple Dump Cake recipe!

Over 30 Recipes to Make with Cake Mix

Cake Mix Recipe Ideas Resources:

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