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Breakfast Ideas with Nutella

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Nutella has gotten super popular these days. It makes a wonderful dessert by simply adding pieces of fruit, toast, or even all by itself!

But have you ever tried having Nutella for breakfast? Okay, so maybe having a jar of Nutella as your morning meal isn’t a great idea. But you can definitely make it part of the most important meal of the day!

Here are some delicious breakfast ideas with Nutella that you and your family will enjoy!

Breakfast Ideas with Nutella

Breakfast Ideas with Nutella:

These Nutella Breakfast Croissants look so flaky and delicious!

In a hurry in the morning/ Try this Nutella Smoothie made with bananas, milk, and Nutella!

Serve this simple, kid-friendly Nutella Fruit Toast to your little ones!

If you want an indulgent, special breakfast, this Double Stuffed Nutella French Toast is the way to go!

Make Nutella part of a healthy breakfast with this Nutella Blueberry Protein Smoothie recipe!

Use Nutella as a breakfast topping by serving Banana Buttermilk Pancakes with Nutella!

Bake up some sweetness with these Cocoa Sugar Crusted Muffins with Nutella Filling!

These Nutella Pancake Roll Ups are super easy to make and serve, especially for kids!

If your children enjoy the rollups, try these Nutella Crepes next!

This Nutella Breakfast Pancake Pizza is a delicious treat that your kids will devour!

Serve a crowd something special with this Nutella French Toast Casserole!

Give your morning cuppa an extra sweet shot and make this Nutella Latte!

I have to admit: This Raspberry and Nutella Stuffed French Toast Sandwich looks incredible.

Serve a batch of Nutella Hot Chocolate to your family on a cold morning this winter!

These Nutella Breakfast Wraps are easy to for kids to learn to make on their own!

Get your caffeine shot, even in warm weather, with this recipe for Nutella Iced Coffee!

Make Nutella Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce and let your kids help with the fruit topping!

These Nutella Roll ups with Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, and Cinnamon Sugar are basically soft churros. Amazing.

Serve breakfast on a stick with these adorable Nutella Pancake and Fruit Skewers!

Make a batch of these Nutella Banana Muffins in advance and serve them on the go!

Get a taste of autumn with these Pumpkin Nutella Pancakes!

Give your belly a sweet treat with these 2-Ingredient Air Fryer Nutella Biscuit Bites!

Breakfast Ideas with Nutella

Resources to Make Breakfast Ideas with Nutella:

Whip up your own yummy Nutella-inspired breakfast ideas with these resources!

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