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Books About Frozen for Kids

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Check out these great books about Frozen for kids! Not only are they packed full of Disney Frozen reading fun but it’s no secret that Frozen story books are a great way to get boy and girl Frozen fans excited about reading, too!

In this list, you’ll find Frozen books for toddlers and older aged kids, too. Each one of these Frozen kids book options is a real page-turner and packed full of fun for young readers. (and I had a lot of fun reading through them all, too!

I’m a sucker for escape into a magical world… in other words, anything Disney, y’all!)

grab some of these Frozen books for your child

Snuggle up and get ready to spend the day reading all about Elsa and Anna’s adventures!

When it comes to reading books, it just doesn’t get any better than Frozen. There’s just something so empowering about seeing the two princess characters have a strong voice and be able to figure out solutions to problems! (but don’t worry, reading the Frozen fairy tale was totally a thing in my house of boys, too.

The boys loved watching the Frozen movie and reading these fun Frozen story books while holding onto their Olaf Frozen toys!

Is Frozen good for kids?

My kids loved it. But if you doubt if your kids will like it or not, you can always preview the movie or read a few of these good books first yourself to see.

Starting out reading books about Frozen is a great way to ease into it and see what the kids think and feel. We are book lovers around here, so we’ve pretty much read all the books and watched the movies a ton and I think that Frozen is good for young kids as well as older-aged kids.

How old is Olaf?

This is totally a great question! When reading the books or watching the movie, you might wonder how old that cute little snowman actually is. According to what I’ve found online, he’s supposed to be around 3 years of age. So that means that technically, he’s a toddler! (that likes warm hugs!)

Why are Disney Frozen books so popular? 

It’s because they offer a powerful story. They’re full of magical creatures and have the characters from the best film of all time (opinion LOL!), and the fun of the books makes them easy to appeal to readers of all ages. You pair a hilarious snowman with Anna & Elsa and you know that you’ve got bestselling books to read. 

The books do a great job of taking you along on an epic journey where they find mystical trolls, a new reindeer friend, a daring mountain man, and don’t forget all the magical environments that they trek through.

It’s no surprise that the Frozen storybook collection tends to hit all the right notes with a young dreamer. It’s because the storyline makes you love the pair of relatable sisters and anyone who reads the books or watches the movie becomes an instant Frozen fan. 

You can also have fun with these picture books and graphic novels because they’re so relatable to the movie. This is why book lists that have books that pair up well with the movies do so well!

You might as well have the unforgettable music from the movie playing in the background while reading the books because these beloved characters are going to be the stars of the show in your house for quite some time! 

What makes Olaf so loveable?

Olaf, the snowman from Disney’s 2013 feature Frozen, is universally beloved for his amiable yet gentle nature.

His endearing awkwardness and optimism are aspects of his character that many people can identify with, especially children and young adults that often crave an anchor of comfort and familiarity.

Unlike other characters in the movie, Olaf is unique in his selfless mission to bring joy to all around him, as evidenced by some of his most iconic lines such as “Some people are worth melting for” and “I like warm hugs” – both of which are reflective of his loving personality.

All in all, it is this combination of innocence, charm, and humor that makes Olaf a much-loved character by people of all ages across the globe.

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Which Frozen film is most popular?

The Frozen franchise comprises two animated films released by Walt Disney Animation Studios – Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019). Both films have been very successful.

However, according to some studies, it appears that many viewers see the original film as the more popular of the two. This could be due to its higher box office success, its status in social media, and the advancing merchandise market over the years since its release.

In addition to these factors, there is also likely some sentiment toward nostalgia among viewers when determining which film is best.

Ultimately, then, it seems that Frozen remains the most popular installment in this popular Disney movie series.

How can I combine book reading with movies?

Reading books and watching movies have long been two separate yet well-loved activities. Combining the two can offer an exciting way to experience literature and deepen your connection with it.

For example, a reader could start by reading the original book, using it as a launching pad for researching its cultural and historical context when desired.

Afterward, they could watch a film adaptation of the same book to compare how it deviates from or stays true to its source material.

Watching adapted versions of books can also help readers visualize characters and settings in vivid detail; finely drawn screens can bring beloved stories alive in a delightful new way.

Generally speaking, combining book reading with movies is an enjoyable, stimulating way to explore literature in various forms and gain greater insight into it.

What are the fun characters in the Frozen series?

The Frozen franchise offers a wide range of entertaining characters that keep viewers engaged with their antics and personalities. One of the most memorable and well-known figures is the main character Anna, who is brave, determined, and full of heart.

Her sister Elsa has also become an enduring favorite among audiences with her icy beauty and strong will.

Though they often clash during their journey, the two sisters remain close and support each other throughout their story.

Another beloved figure is Olaf the snowman, whose cheerful presence adds fun to the series. His zany attitude, coupled with his determination to make summertime memories despite his chilly nature, make him adored by fans of all ages.

Finally, Kristoff completes the ensemble as Anna’s love interest; whilst he may not be as flamboyantly entertaining as Olaf, his loyalty to Anna and his amusing interactions with Sven still keeps viewers invested in their storyline.

In conclusion, Frozen continues offering compelling characters that attract viewers far more than its impressive visuals alone ever could.

Will there be a 3rd Frozen movie?

Since the release of Frozen in 2013 and its sequel, Frozen II, in 2019, a great deal of speculation has arisen about the possibility of a third movie in the popular Disney franchise.

Many fans anticipate a continuation of the storyline and potential enhancements to the characters and music from past movies.

As such far date, neither Disney nor any involved parties have made any official announcements or demonstrated any evidence that suggests plans for a follow-up are underway; however, given the commercial success and fan base associated with these films thus far, it is certainly not inconceivable that another installment could be developed at some point down the road.



What makes children’s books so much fun to read?

Children’s books have a unique charm that captivates people regardless of age. The entertaining stories we find in children’s literature are often more vivid and descriptive, making the act of reading a journey of wonder and discovery for young readers.

Characters found in these books are often humorous but inspiring, teaching resilience and empathy through thought-provoking experiences.

Additionally, their message is conveyed with shorter sentences, making them easier to read and enjoy.

Altogether, these reasons make children’s books beautiful works of fiction that can be appreciated by adults and children alike.

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My kid would love this! She's a great fan of Elsa. Memorized every song and singing it all the time