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Creative Alaska Coloring and Writing Book

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Adding this Alaska Coloring and Writing Book into your daily learning at home is a great way to supplement and increase your little ones knowledge about Alaska. You can also then easily transition into our 50 states unit study. too! This coloring book is full of great coloring pages that are all about Alaska! Its fun for kids (and adults!) to learn about this wonderful state.

Combining these Alaska coloring pages with these Alaska handwriting worksheets does the perfect job of teaching your child all about Alaska!

Alaska Coloring and Handwriting Sheets

Alaska is one of the coldest states in the US but do you really know much more about it? These worksheets and coloring pages will change that.

Along with bringing out the creativity, your kids will learn some true and interesting facts, too. (I have a feeling that youre going to love learning some fun new things as well!)

Alaska Coloring and Writing Book

Once you print off this packet for the kids, theyre going to want to do more Alaska activities. Below are some simple activities and projects that can help them do just that.

Resources to help you expand on this State:

What are some fun facts about the state of Alaska?

Even though these printable pages show you a lot of the state symbols of Alaska, they leave it wide open to diving into fun state facts! Here are a few fun facts to tell your child about Alaska.

In Alaska, its still illegal to whisper in the ear of another person while theyre out hunting a moose.

Alaska is dark entirely for 2 months out of the year.

And those wacky facts are just a few. Using these printables as a starting point for learning about Alaska is the perfect stepping stone.

Alaska Lapbook Elements
Alaska Unit Study

More Alaska Resources:

Here are some more Alaska resources for your early learner.

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