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Fun and Engaging Arkansas Coloring and Writing Book

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The kids are going to love this Arkansas Coloring and Writing Book. It’s a great way to start learning all about the 50 states while also focusing in on each state individually as well.

These coloring pages are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and other children who are ready to start early learning. Not only are these Arkansas coloring pages fun for the kids to unleash their creativity but this printable actually doubles as Arkansas handwriting worksheets, too!

Check out this great printable below!

Arkansas Coloring and Handwriting Sheets

Since learning about Arkansas is a great way to dive into the states in the USA, let the kiddos look up some fun facts about Arkansas, too. Once fact that they might think is fun? The state instrument of Arkansas is a fiddle!

It’s fun to make learning fun, too!

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Arkansas Coloring and Writing Book

How much do you know about the state of Arkansas? It’s one of those states that I’m familiar with but always ready and willing to learn more! And even though the state is known for its lakes and rivers and beautiful outdoor areas, there are other things to learn, too! Take the time to expand on this state and all its wonder.

Resources to help you expand on this State:



What is the state fruit of Arkansas?

This is actually part of the book and the kids will learn about it, write it, see the spelling of it and then get to color it! (but just in case you want a head start – The state fruit is a crab apple!)

I’m all about learning all the fun state facts of different states because I think it’s then fun to compile those facts and do something fun with them.

A good example of that would be to take crab apples and eat them as a snack or make up a fun little treat for the day. See how you can easily incorporate what the kids have just learned about into their daily lives?

Arkansas Coloring and Handwriting Sheets

More Arkansas Resources:

Here are some more Arkansas State resources to use!

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