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Glitter Snowman!

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Snowy Blowy Day!

It looks like the snow is here to stay — at least in my part of Pennsylvania!  We still had a little glitter left over from our Glitter Star Project, so we decide to shimmer up the snow a little bit in this Q-tip painting project!

Q-tip Snowman

What are some fun winter craft ideas for kids?

Winter can be a great time for crafting! Kids of all ages love creating their winter-themed art and decorations. From paper snowflakes to winter animal crafts, endless creative ideas exist for anyone looking to perform a winter craft with kids.

Have small children? Let them make snowman ornaments out of pom poms and pipe cleaners.

For older kids, you can use colored beads to make snowflake garlands or have them explore the world of scrapbooking by letting them design decorated holiday cards for friends and family.

With a little imagination, you can turn any cold winter day into a fun-filled afternoon of crafting!

How do I clean up glitter after using it in crafts?

Cleaning up glitter after crafting can be quite a challenge! However, with a few simple steps, it doesn’t have to be too difficult.

First, always work with glitter over something smooth, such as paper or glass, making cleanup easier.

Next, use tape or sticky lint rollers to get rid of excess glitter clinging to surfaces; they’ll pick up the glitter and help keep your craft area clean.

Finally, try using liquid fabric glue- mix some adhesive with water and rub it gently on any remaining pieces of confetti; this should help clump the glitter together for easy disposal.

If all else fails- use your vacuum cleaner on any surfaces covered in a heavy layer of sparkles!

What is the best way to display my child’s crafts?

One of the best ways to display your child’s crafts and accomplishments is in a dedicated area designed for just that purpose.

You can pick a wall in your kitchen if you want it to be part of family gatherings and activities, or create a designated area in their bedroom to allow them to connect with and be proud of their work independently.

Use shelves, frames, and even peg boards to showcase drawings and paintings, and 3D pieces like paper-mâché models.

If practical, add extra functionality by using cork photos to pin up certificates or postcards they have created.

This way, you can support your child’s artistic endeavors while maintaining cleanliness in your home as new creations come in!

Here’s What You Need:

  • White Paint
  • Q-tips
  • White Glitter
  • Black Construction Paper

Here’s What You Do:

Talk with your child about common weather, such as rain and snow.  Explain that in the winter, it often snows.  Talk about the fun things you can do with snow, perhaps reading a book like Snowmen at Night.  You can even find places to read books like this online (check We Give Books or Story Time for Me).

Next show your child how to make little “snowflakes” using the q-tip and white paint.  Tell them they can make a snowman or whatever they like with their snow.  Stand back and enjoy the show!

Q-tip Snowman

After your child is finished with their snow painting, show them how to sprinkle glitter on the wet paint to make the snow really shimmer.

Shimmer Snowman

Shake off the excess glitter and hang with pride!

Q-tip Snowman

 Coordinating Toddler Activity:

This is actually a great activity for little and big hands alike.  The toddlers can’t make too big of a mess because they will be painting with q-tips.  You might want to pour the glitter together though!

Things to Check Off Your List

Are you keeping track of preschool requirements?  You can find some great checklists here or here.  If so, you can check fine motor skills off your list after completing this activity.  This could also be a starting point for discussion about weather.

More Snowy or Glittery Resources:

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