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Get Outside with Awesome Activities for Spring

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Here are some awesome activities for spring that will get you and your kids outside.

The weather is getting nice and it is time to head outdoors. I can’t wait! It has been a long winter where I live. Getting outside and having fun sounds perfect.

My name is Sheila and I write about activities for boys as well as other boy-related things and today I am sharing boy-friendly ideas that the whole family will enjoy.

Outdoor spring activities for boys.

Activities for Spring

Grab some balloons and a foam-tipped archery set and play some fun balloon archery games. There are several different ways to play and ideas for all ages. Really fun!

Make an awesome pool noodle obstacle course.This one gets kids moving! There are spots where they have to get on the ground and wiggle under the noodles or jump over them and they also use them to move balls. Lots of neat ideas and super easy to set up.

Get messy with a mud kitchen. Boys love mud and you can provide a way for them to play with it without having them dive right into a big mud puddle! Get some dirt, a bit of water, some scoops and add some natural materials. Cleanup is easy, simply hose down the area.

Here is a super idea for toddlers and preschoolers. Make a balance beam to put out in the yard. Don’t worry, this one is actually at ground level. I guarantee your kids will spend a lot of time walking on it and jumping over it too!

Outdoor spring activities.

Have you done an egg drop yet? This is really best done outdoors! I like the methods they tried in this post. Egg drops are always a winner.

This potion mixing idea looks awesome. They did it outside and I can see why. I love this open-ended activity and your kids will too.

We are totally doing this! Find and raise some tadpoles. This is a great science activity that is so educational and is packed with wonder. If you have not tried it yet, find some frog eggs soon and have a go.

I hope you are your family enjoy these ideas and have fun spending time together outside. What is your favorite spring outdoor activity?

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