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25+ Halloween Freakshakes Too Spooky Not to See

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If you’re all about Halloween and going over the top, then these Halloween freakshakes should be right up your alley. They’re cool (literally), they’re fun, silly and a little bit spooky.

If you want more kid-friendly Halloween drinks, be sure to check out these Halloween mocktails I pulled together. They’re amazing–and really easy.

Photo collage of how to make a halloween freakshake

Back to these creepy milkshakes. They’re so ridiculous, huh? I love it.

There’s nothing more fun for the kids than when parents hit the mark and go WAAAAY over the top. I mean, that’s just so special to them when we go out of our way to make something “to the max.”

So, I’m excited to make some freakshakes for halloween…let’s do this.

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What are Halloween Freakshakes?

So, in case you don’t already know and can’t tell, freakshakes are milkshakes with MORE. And that’s more more.

More whipped cream, more sprinkles, more candy, more food coloring (I know, I know), more random-things-you’d-never-think-to-include-like-bacon. And then you add the word “halloween” to it and the freakshake idea goes into overdrive.

These halloween milkshake recipes are halloween themed, creepy, silly, and funny, plus that “more”. Seriously perfect for a halloween party or even just a pre-trick-or-treat snack.

That’s way over the top.

What Do You Need to Make Fun Milkshakes for Halloween?

I am well aware that making these freakshakes or over-the-top-shakes are kind of a feat of imagination. I mean, who comes up with this stuff?!

But, to get you thinking about it, give you some inspiration, not only have I gathered the best Halloween freakshake recipes around, but I’ve also got some ingredient inspiration for you, too!

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Photo collage of halloween freakshake ideas

Sprinkles for Halloween Treats

Candy for Halloween Treats

Reminder, not all ingredients for a Halloween freakshake recipe are linked above, just the ones that may be a bit difficult to find or that you might be unsure of what to look for.

Must Have Resources

When making Halloween milkshakes at home, you really need to have the following Amazon affiliate tools on hand.

How Do You Make Halloween Freakshakes?

Whether you’re making an apple pie milkshake, chocolate chip milkshake or a dracula’s revenge freakshake, you’re making the same thing at the basic level. So, I like to start with my favorite vanilla ice cream, milk and blend until smooth.

Then you just go from there. Add some candy, whipped cream, maybe a donut, a slice of bacon, some fake teeth, sprinkles, or a lollipop.

The choice is yours.

Where Are the Fun Milkshakes for Halloween?

Keep scrolling because here’s the big reveal.

Halloween Freakshakes

If you're all about Halloween and going over the top, then these Halloween freakshakes should be right up your alley. They're cool (literally), they're fun, silly and a little bit spooky.

Photo collage of recipes for halloween freakshakes

So? What do you think? Aren’t halloween freakshakes fun?! If you loved these creepy milkshakes, be sure to pin this to your favorite halloween recipes board on Pinterest so you can find them again when the big “H” day comes.

More Halloween Recipes

Once you make your first Halloween freak shake, you’ll be all about making easy halloween treats. They’re so much fun and you can get really creative. So, I’ve pulled together some of the best halloween treat recipes you could imagine!

More Milkshakes

Milkshakes are just the best, aren’t they?! When I am really craving a snack, I always think about a milkshake, all nice and cold. Particularly on a hot day. And these recipes are some of my favorites!

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