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22 Pizza Recipes

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Nothing makes a family come together like sharing a giant pizza pie! While it might be tempting to order delivery from your local pizzeria, making your own pizza can be a wonderful way to spend time together as a family.

But you don’t have to stick to plain old cheese pizza! This roundup featuring 22 pizza recipes is filled with all kinds of pizzas – from veggie to meat-loaded, from entree to dessert.

Pizza Recipes Roundup

22 Pizza Recipes:

These Individual Tuna Pizzas are perfect for hungry kids!

Ever had Caprese Salad? Turn it into a pie with this recipe for Caprese Pizza!

Pizza for breakfast? Sure! Try this Quick Homemade Breakfast Pizza recipe!

Did you know pizza can be healthy? These Whole Wheat Pizza Bagels make excellent healthy lunches!

Have pizza for dessert and make this Giant Chocolate Chip Pizza Cookie!

You can have Rachel Ray’s famous Pizza Pie for dinner with this DIY version!

Have a Tex-Mex meal with this Mexican Pizza!

Forget pasta! Have Shrimp Scampi Pizza for dinner instead!

Make dinnertime fun with these cute Pizza Pinwheels!

Fruit pizzas make excellent desserts for kids. Instead of serving from one giant pizza, make these Mini Fruit Pizzas so everyone can have their own!

Sweet Chili Chicken Thai Pizza is a favorite at some popular pizzerias. Make your own!

This Gyro Pizza is a super choice for Greek food lovers!

Try turkey on your pie tonight and make Turkey Tomato Cheese Pizza!

This Chicken Artichoke Tomato Pizza is a snap to make for a weeknight dinner!

Your kids will love eating these Pepperoni Pizza Bombs!

Tacos and pizza come together in this recipe for Taco Pizza! A definite crowd-pleaser!

This Roasted Red Pepper Artichoke Pizza looks complicated, but it comes together in no time!

Serve this Pull Apart Pizza Bread as dinner or an appetizer!

Make your own Chicken Ranch Pizza – just like the big pizza chains!

Make dinner in just five minutes with this Easy Garlic Bread Pizza recipe!

Love corned beef? You’ll adore this recipe for Reuben Pizza!

Add a twist to an Italian classic with this Chicken Margherita Pizza!

22 Pizza Recipes

Resources for Preparing Pizza Recipes:

Use these resources to make your own pizza recipes at home!

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