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Simple & Fast Tortilla Roll-Up Recipes

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Tortilla Roll-Up Recipes are perfect for pinwheel recipe ideas. My favorites are the chicken tortilla pinwheels but my kids love the pizza pinwheels. All of these cheese pinwheels are perfect for a party appetizer. Check out my other easy appetizer recipes for even more great ideas!

This list of pinwheel appetizer recipes is so much fun to make and share with your family and friends! These are also great for a snacking weekend at home! You can easily make up several flavors and have a taste test to see which one you like best.

I love the combination of the cream cheese mixture and the cheddar cheese. It’s a simple way to make a hearty lunch, fast!

Do you use a flour tortilla or corn tortilla?

I would recommend a flour tortilla as it’s bigger and will do better at being flexible in holding in all the ingredients. You can even buy some that are flavored like sun-dried tomato that would pair perfectly with the Mexican pinwheels recipe.

Although if someone else made them for me using a corn tortilla, I’d gobble it up and be thankful! Getting food prepared by someone else is the best.

What are some delicious topping ideas?

Adding black olives or green onions is always a good idea. When I make buffalo chicken pinwheels, I like to add on a few dabs of hot sauce as well.

You can’t go wrong with the toppings as long as they’re ones that you like!

Tortilla Roll-Up Recipes

Use these simple recipes as a great way to prep and prepare easy lunch and dinner recipes.

These pinwheel recipes are all so fast and easy to make. If you want to make them ahead of time, just cover them with plastic wrap and keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat!

Which of these roll-up recipes are you going to make first?

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