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Arizona Coloring and Writing Book full of fun state facts!

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This Arizona Coloring and Writing Book is such a perfect way to lead into a 50 states unit study. But before you dive right in, take the time to explore these coloring pages and handwriting worksheets that are all about helping early learners visual their uppercase and lowercase letters, practice writing skills, work on their fine motor skills, and learn some really cool facts about the state of Arizona!

These Arizona coloring pages not only show them some of the main facts and things about the state but they then get to color and write them out, too.

Check out these fun letter tracing worksheets below!

Arizona Coloring and Handwriting Sheets

Make certain to print off these Arizona handwriting worksheets because they really are a great way for your child to learn all about writing the letter and to see a difference between their capital letters and lowercase letters, too.

These printables are wonderful for handwriting practice and writing activities.

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Arizona Coloring and Writing Book

This coloring book is a great learning resource because while it focuses in on the state of Arizona, it opens the door to have your child learn so much more about the state and the USA as well.

Why stop at one learning resource when you can combine and expand into more?

Resources to help you expand on this State:



How else can you use this free coloring workbook printable?

So many ways! Once you get started, use your imagination and let the learning process fly.

You can start a letter of the week activity and incorporate all the states that begin with the letter “A”, or you can even use a letter-number combination to talk about the state of Arizona and the number of people who live there, etc.

There are so many ways to use this state as a launching pad to explore all the other states as ell.

Arizona Coloring and Handwriting Sheets

More Arizona Resources:

Here are a few more great Arizona state resources for your child.

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