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Top Tips for Keeping your Child’s Bedroom Ship-Shape #WiseOrganize

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Top Tips for Keeping your Child’s Bedroom ship-shape

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If, like so many parents you open your child’s bedroom door only to find that the carpet has disappeared under mountains of toys, books and dressing-up clothes, it may be time to get a plan of action together to keep your child’s bedroom tidy. We’ve come up with some ideas that aim to engage children and appease parents, so read on for some top tips on keeping control of your child’s bedroom:

1: Keep storage fun! The single biggest solution to keeping your child’s bedroom tidy is to have plenty of storage; but by choosing colorful, child-friendly boxes with clearly defined purposes you can engage your child and help them to learn how to tidy up at the same time. You can buy colored plastic boxes cheaply, and put pictures of the type of toys on sticky labels to help younger children know where to store their possessions.

2: Get the whole family involved Children will usually do everything they can to avoid tidying their bedroom, but if you put aside time to spring-clean or have a tidy-up together then you can make it into a race or a competition, which always goes down well with children.

3: Cabin beds These beds are a great way to make the most of the space in your child’s bedroom. The bed goes on top, and underneath is storage and often a desk or drawers for your child too. These beds are very popular and come in plenty of designs to suit different tastes and themes.

4: Have a clear-out! Most children’s bedrooms will contain toys that they hardly ever play with and spend most of their time gathering dust and taking up space. Having a regular clear-out as a family will help your child understand that less is more and that they will be left with toys which they really love to play with. You could take old toys to a charity shop or do a car boot sale, which is a fun way to set up your own shop and let your child be the shopkeeper for the day!

5: Use wall space Make the most of your child’s bedroom walls by putting up shelves for books and special possessions, such as jewelry, money boxes or christening gifts. You can also get plenty of storage that fixes to the wall such as hanging cloth pockets – great for smaller items that can be difficult to find homes for. Most of all, spend time teaching your child to value their toys, bedding, and books so that they are more likely to want to keep them safe in their special place. Using reward charts and incentives can also be a popular option to keep your child’s bedroom clean and tidy. Make sure that you actively praise your child when they’ve done a good job, and ask them for their own ideas on how to improve storage solutions. You’ll be teaching your children valuable life-skills, with the added benefit of a much tidier bedroom

This article was written by Rachel Bradbury, a work-at-home Mom who runs her own company, Custard & Crumble, selling luxury nursery and baby items. Find out Rachel’s tips for cleaning children’s toys

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Wednesday 25th of September 2013

I usually give kids rewards especially if they can tidy up their room. Each kid has this storage boxes to store all their stuff and to keep them organize.

Elizabeth Towns

Wednesday 18th of September 2013

I’m always looking for ways to organize my kids rooms better and keep them clean. My teenage daughters room is an incredible mess most of the time. I keep making more storage spaces for her, but that doesn’t seem to work. I am going to take your points into advice.