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Top 12 Homeschooling Posts of 2012

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Homeschooling is a very popular category on the Deals site and I know why!  Even those that don’t actually homeschool their children are always on the lookout for fun and educational ways to keep their children occupied.  So, let’s take a look back through the archives to see which posts you guys found so great!  Then, maybe I can make more like that over 2013!

halloween printablesNumber One:  Halloween Handwriting Printables  Four pages of handwriting printables take you from Pre-K through 5th grade!

imageNumber Two:  Solar System Free Printables  Great pdf of the Solar system plus links to many other free resources!

imageNumber Three:  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day Printables An amazing list of free resources to help you celebrate and teach your children about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr!

clip_image003Number Four:  Homeschooling Printables by Holiday and Special Event is a page where I have compiled all of my free homeschooling resources by month!  It needs updating, but I will get that done as soon as I finish this post. Smile

indexNumber Five:  Printable Medicine Charts while not really homeschooling, it is a great resource for people with kids. So, I think it fits!

imageNumber Six:  Illustrated Bible Verses helps to teach your child so much… art, handwriting, and Bible!

clip_image002Number Seven: National Hot Dog Month (July) Unit Study is everything you could possibly need to construct a Unit Study for July!

Christmas KNumber Eight: Kindergarten Christmas Handwriting Sheets – This Religion-based printable is great for Kindergarten kids!

Fathes Day CraftsNumber Nine:  Fun Father’s Day Crafts is a round-up of many Father’s Day crafts that your kids can do for Daddy!

Christmas PKNumber Ten: Pre-School Christmas Handwriting Sheets is the perfect way to help your preschool child learn to write AND match!

Picnik collageNumber Eleven:  Learning Fun for Boys is exactly what it sounds like!  Boys don’t learn the same way that girls do.  So, kick things up a notch with these great ideas!

Number Twelve: 27 Cool Math Games for Preschoolers! Is an amazing collection of free resources to help you teach your little ones Shapes and Numbers!  From printables to online games… ENJOY!

So, I am finding that handwriting sheets are super popular!  That means that I need to make an effort to make more!

Sharing is caring!