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Top 10 Homemaking Posts

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At the beginning of this year, I started analyzing my posts from the previous year to see what types of things you, my readers, were really liking.  That helps me be sure that my new year of blogging is on par with what my readership wants.  It was very interesting to see what my top 10 homemaking posts were.  These are still super popular – can you tell why?

Homemaking Posts

Top 10 Homemaking Posts:

There’s a little something here for everyone, I am sure!

Organize your master to-do list using the brain dump method.

Here’s a list of 5 ways to get the best price on items you want.

Having small spaces to work with makes it hard to keep things organized at times. Check out this a great post on organizing in small spaces.

Clothes shopping has been known to be one of the highest expenses a family faces, but now you can take advantage of saving money while clothes shopping with these tips.

Don’t let your child’s birthday parties put you in the poor house, instead arrange your kids’ parties on a budget.

Need your kids to help out more this summer, I’ve gathered up some of the best summer time chores charts to help you out.

Need help creating organization in your home? Then you need to check out this blog post filled with 12 household notebook ideas.

Be sure to check out how you can save money with these money saving coupons.

Need more ideas on how you can save money? Here is 90 money saving tips that will make a nice little impact on your budget.

Save time and money by having your meals prepared a week in advance by creating your weekly meals ahead of time.


More Homemaking resources:

The Good Wife’s Guide: Embracing Your Role as a Help Meet

31 Days to Clean – Having a Martha House the Mary Way

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House

best homemaking tips


Sharing is caring!


Monday 15th of August 2022

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