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National Cleaning Week: Bedrooms

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natcleaningweekCan you believe this entire National Cleaning Week is almost over?  How does your house look?  How many boxes do you have ready for your yard sale?  I have about 5 boxes, plus a garbage bag full of stuffed animals. I am ready – unfortunately, my mother-in-law had to postpone her yard sale so my boxes will be sitting here.  Well, unless I decide on Saturday morning to have my own. LOL!  I live on the corner of a busy street, so I can have a sale without really advertising it and still get traffic. 🙂

Quick Recap of all the rooms we have completed:

SundayLaundry and Closets

Monday: Kitchen

Tuesday: Living Areas (living room, den, rec room, playroom, etc)

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Bathrooms

So, today we are going to finish up the bulk of our home by doing the bedrooms and tomorrow we are going to tackle our vehicles… eww, I know!  If you have other rooms that weren’t cover this week, start you a plan to get them finished up!

Bedroom Deep Cleaning Tasks:

Get rid of the cloth! Strip the beds, remove the rugs, take down the curtains… get them laundering while we work on the rest of the house!

Fans & Light Fixtures! Take the light globes into the sink and soak them in soapy water.  While they are soaking, really wipe down the fan blades and light fixtures. Finish the globes and allow them to dry before putting back.

Wipe down the walls! Grab a wet rag and start getting rid of all the finger prints, crayons smears, etc off your walls.  Don’t forget to get the light switches.

Scrub the furniture!  This could take a while depending on the number of furniture pieces you have in the bedroom… clear off the flat pieces, wipe them well, only put back what is necessary!  Now would be a good time to flip the mattress on your bed!

Toy Time! Clean up the toys, find a good organizational system, and get rid of some!

Floor time! Start at the baseboards and work your way to the middle of the room.  Be sure to get under furniture! You can use an old toothbrush to get the crease where the baseboards and the floor meet.

Now, you get to repeat all of the above on the other bedrooms in your home.

Sharing is caring!


Sunday 17th of April 2011

Now would be a good time to flip the mattress on your bed! :) :)


Mary Anne Gruen

Friday 1st of April 2011

I'm ashamed to say I haven't gotten very far with my cleaning this week. But I've gotten some done. National Cleaning Week will be continuing for me next week!