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Summer Time Chores Pinterest Round Up

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I wrote down a whole bunch of tasks that my older two boys could do around the house onto small bits of paper.  I folded the papers and had each boy choose a task and complete, choose another complete it, etc throughout the day.  It actually worked really well and I am planning to do it again today! Then, on Sunday, their new summer chores start.

So, I spent some time on Facebook looking for fun chore charts, chore ideas, etc to keep my boys from running amuck this entire summer.  I actually found some pretty fun things!

I have teamed up with Susie QT Pies and Crystal and Company to bring you this weekly linky.

Since this post is all about pinning, be sure to pin this post and a few of the posted linkies.  Choose your favorite and click to your heart’s content.

So, what can you put in the linky? You can put any or all of the following items:

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  • 3.  A blog post of your own Pinterest Favorites or round up post!

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My Favorite Summer Time Chores Pins From This Week:

1.  Chores of the Week Printable

2.  Sticker Chore Chart (for boys or girls) from Sew. Craft. Create

3.  Blank Kids Summer Chore Chart from Cul-de-sac Cool!  Her post lists lots of ideas if you need some inspiration.

4.  Printable Chore Chart for Kids from Craft e-zine

Go visit my faves and then, link up below!


Sharing is caring!

Stephanie @ It's not just about the recipe . . . .

Saturday 2nd of June 2012

Hi Kelli! Thank you so much for co-hosting this Pinterest linky party. Have a great weekend!


Saturday 2nd of June 2012

Thanks for linking up! I left a comment on your Amish bread recipe (YUMM!!) and am following you on Pinterest :-)