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Thanksgiving Printable Activity Set

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This Thanksgiving Printable Activity Set is a great way to keep the kids busy during the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s possible to have a Fun thanksgiving paired with a bit of learning, too. This printable pack is a fun activity that will have the kids wanting even more learning fun! Make sure to check out my Free Thanksgiving Worksheets for more great printables for kids.

Use these Thanksgiving activity printables as a way to keep them calm until all the goodies are ready to eat and sitting on the table.

This printable Thanksgiving packet is made up of lots of fun activities and ideas. Everyone loves playing a family fun game of tic tac toe!

What is proper age to be able to use this printable?

This simple Thanksgiving printable packet can be used by a wide variety of ages. Not only do the kids love that they can work through the packet at their own pace but they’re able to be creative with it at the same time.

This means that all ages can use this printable in fun ways that appeal to them.

What it includes:

In these pages, Thanksgiving fun awaits! There are coloring pages, tic tac toe, a Thanksgiving word search, connect the dots, and more! It’s literally a packet full of games that the entire family can sit down and have a blast with!

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though these printables are pretty straightforward, you can easily think of fun new games and ideas to use them for as well! Here are just a few other ideas on more fun ways to use these holiday printables.

Make Thanksgiving drawings

Use the back of the sheets to create fun Thanksgiving pictures! The kids can work on their art skills and you just might have some really great artwork to showcase and hang up.

Create a scavenger hunt

Once the kids get through all the worksheets, have them create a scavenger hunt around the house to look for fall-themed items. This is a fun activity to get everyone involved.

Play charades as a family

Use these printables as a way to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and then channel that to play a riveting game of charades. The only rule is that all the words acted out have to be Thanksgiving-related!

More Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets:

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