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Kid Friendly Meal Plans for Week Nine

When making my weekly meal plan, I like to create things that my children love because that is easier than dealing with picky eaters and complaints.  However, I also can’t exist on chicken nuggets and pizza!  I need more things, so I am constantly on the hunt for delicious, nutritious, and kid friendly meals.  This …

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Scalloped Potatoes From Leftovers Recipe

This Scalloped Potatoes from Leftovers Recipe is one of the best! Perfect side dish and great to use up those leftovers. Be sure to check out my tips for Over 22 Ways to use your Thanksgiving Leftovers! Whenever you cook potatoes, it’s always a great idea to cook extra because it makes for easier meal …

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Mediterranean Turkey Casserole

What are you planning to do with your Thanksgiving Day Turkey leftovers?  Giving families an alternative to a hot open-turkey sandwich the National Pasta Association (NPA) has a few recipes for pasta dishes which feature left-over turkey as a main ingredient. These recipes pair protein rich veggies with leftover turkey and pasta – one of …

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