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20 Easy Polar Express Craft Ideas

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The Polar Express is one of my familys favorite movies. Every winter, we watch that movie, but only this year I realized that there are plenty of things you can do that are based on that movie.

My boys love printables and hands-on activities, so I thought, why not make fun printables and activities based on The Polar Express? From recipes to lapbooks, this winter movie can be introduced in so many different ways!

Designed to keep your kids engaged, teach them life skills, and draw the family closer together, these Polar Express craft ideas are awesome for all kids from preschool all the way up. Look through and see which ones you like!

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Polar Express Craft Ideas

20 Easy Polar Express Craft Ideas:

1. Hand out these adorable Polar Express Printable Tickets and let the kids conduct a pretend train ride!

2. Put on a show with these printable Polar Express Finger Puppets!

3. Cozy and warm, these DIY Polar Express Pajamas are the perfect PJs to wear during the winter!

4. Get some fine motor practice with this Polar Express Fine Motor Activity!

5. This Dramatic Play Hot Cocoa Stand would be so fun for kids to share after watching The Polar Express!

6. This Snowy Train Sensory Bin is a simple sensory activity for sharing with the movie!

7. Make learning to count fun and merry with Reindeer Craft and Counting Game.

8. These Easy Popcorn Ring is cheap and easy and has a bonus…its
delicious! ?

9. Organize a fun Polar Express party with this Polar Express Party Playdate. The memories will last your little ones a lifetime!

10. Teach your preschoolers about shapes with this Shapes with Train Craft!

Polar Express Craft Ideas to Try

11. Light up the room with this Polar Express Lantern Craft!

12. Make believe that youre on a train with this Polar Express Train Ticket Craft!

13. Use creativity and take a train ride with your preschooler with this Moving Polar Express Train Ride.

14. Kids will love to conduct their own rides with this DIY Polar Express Train Conductor Hat Craft!

15. This Polar Express Lapbook features printable minibooks for kids to make!

16. Build your own moving Polar Express train

17. Make this DIY I Believe Card and let the kids hand them out to friends and family!

18. Watch The Polar Express and share a cute Edible Polar Express Snack afterward!

19. Love Polar Express? Make these Tin Foil Bell Ornaments to decorate your home!

20. Reenact the movie with these Polar Express Printable Stick Puppets!

Polar Express Craft Ideas for Kids

Polar Express Craft Ideas and Resources:

Pick up these affiliate resources from Amazon to make even more Polar Express craft ideas with the kids!

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