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15+ Easy Polar Express Craft Ideas

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The Polar Express is one of my family’s favorite movies. Every winter, we watch that movie, but only this year I realized that there are plenty of things you can do that are based on that movie.

My boys love printables and hands-on activities, so I thought, why not make fun printables and activities based on The Polar Express? From recipes to lapbooks, this winter movie can be introduced in so many different ways!

Designed to keep your kids engaged, teach them life skills, and draw the family closer together, these Polar Express craft ideas are awesome for all kids from preschool all the way up. Look through and see which ones you like!

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Polar Express Craft Ideas

What is the history and meaning behind the Polar Express?

The Polar Express is a beloved seasonal story, with a long and meaningful history. The original story was written as a Children’s book in 1985 by Chris Van Allsburg and has since been adapted to animated films, televised productions, and stage shows.

It tells the story of a young boy’s adventures on a train journey to the North Pole at Christmas time. The book consists of vivid illustrations that capture its characters and settings, adding an extra layer of artistic detail to its traditional narrative structure.

This magical element embedded in the text reflects Van Allsburg’s vision of awe-inspiring moments throughout his work: taking readers on an otherworldly journey with its captivating fantasy scenes often linked to reality. In turn, this gives readers permission to dream – encouraging imaginative exploration of their own wildest dreams.

Indeed, The Polar Express’ speaks volumes about the power of storytelling for both adults and children alike – allowing us to escape reality for a moment and enter into a world explained only through the arcs of our tales.

How does the Polar Express connect with Christmas tradition?

The Polar Express, a popular book, and film, is steeped in Christmas tradition. A magical journey to the North Pole at the heart of the narrative serves as a perfect metaphor for the hope and intensity of anticipation that characterizes the holiday season.

The message in The Polar Express has been embraced by generation after generation with many even claiming it to be quite sentimental – its story of transformation through faith reflects deeply cherished values of Christmas.

There is no doubt that this blockbuster has come to represent the very essence of Christmas, much beyond its commercial appeal.

Polar Express Craft Ideas to Try

Where does the Polar Express go and what sort of experiences can one expect on board?

The Polar Express is an iconic and beloved children’s book, which recently found its way onto the silver screen. For many people, the prospect of actually being on board this fabled locomotive is a tantalizing one.

In reality, the Polar Express is a fictional train, capable of whisking its passengers around the world with ease.

On board the magical train, its guests journey to visit Santa Claus himself at his workshop at the North Pole. During their travels there and back again, they witness festive scenes such as rolling snow-covered hills and charming houses with twinkling Christmas lights.

As a result of these experiences, guests aboard the Polar Express can expect to be delighted by tremendous scenes of awe and enchantment which are unique to this journey alone.

15 Easy Polar Express Craft Ideas

Polar Express crafts for kids offer a great way for children to explore their creativity and craftsmanship, all while learning about this beloved story. The projects are engaging and educational, ideal for setting up engaging lessons in the classroom or providing activities at a holiday party or family gathering.

Polar Express Craft Ideas for Kids

Polar Express Craft Ideas and Resources:

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