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Penguin Activity Sheets for Kids

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Don’t miss out on these Penguin Activity Sheets for Kids! These free homeschooling preschool worksheets talk about the penguin life cycle and give great information regarding the penguin species. These penguin worksheets not only help with reading comprehension but the pages also include a super fun penguin word search as well.

Use these penguin themed worksheets as a great way to increase your child’s knowledge about all things penguin!

educational penguin activity sheets

There are so many fun pages to this packet you’re going to want to sit down and join in on the fun. Help them out with the word search puzzle and take the time to learn about penguins with them as well.

What is going to be learned from this Penguin printable?

Your child is going to learn about the parts of a penguin that includes the penguin egg, and all the other parts of the penguin as well.

What it includes:

In addition to the word search, there are penguin shapes, parts of a penguin, penguin facts, and more.

penguin winter time activity worksheets

Fun ways to use this printable:

While it’s easy to just print and use this printable, there are a few other fun things that you can do with it, too.

Combine with a fun penguin craft

Why stop with just a printable? Have the kids look up even more great information about penguins. Then once they gather information, have them draw their own emperor penguin or create another great craft.

Talk about the life cycle in depth

If your child loves penguins, dive deeper into the information printed on these printables! You can talk about how a female lays eggs, newly hatched chick information, how chicks hatch, and how the penguins change as they age.

Cue up a documentary to go along with these printables

There are so many great penguin documentaries out there that you can cue up on the TV and watch as well. This would be a great way to educate the kids even more about penguins.

free printable penguin worksheet pages

What are some fun penguin facts for kids to know?

Penguins are fascinating birds, with some cool facts related to them that kids may find interesting. Did you know, for example, that the average life span of a penguin is fifteen to twenty years?

Penguins also have impressive homing instincts and can sometimes recognize their mate or colony hundreds of miles away.

Additionally, some species of penguins rely on physical contact during the mating season, such as entwining necks or bowing heads. Although they appear clumsy when walking on land, they are extremely agile swimmers and can dive nearly 500 meters deep while hunting for food!

Watching their synchronized movements in the sea is quite remarkable!

Can penguins fly?

Penguins are some of the most adorable and beloved birds in the world, but sadly they cannot fly. While some bird species have adapted to take advantage of air travel and aquatic habitats, penguins are exclusively found on land or in oceanic regions.

They can swim incredibly well due to their dense plumage, which helps maintain insulation and buoyancy, as well as their webbed feet, which help propel them through the water.

To supplement this inability to fly, penguins have evolved various ways to move quickly when needed; from tobogganing on their stomachs across the snow and ice to jumping between rolling waves — these charming birds certainly know how to get around!



Are all penguins black and white in color?

The traditional image of a penguin is black and white flecks against the stark backdrop of polar regions. However, colors in the penguin’s plumage vary significantly among species, ranging from blinding yellows and oranges to deep blues and reds.

One example is the Galapagos Penguin which sports two bold bands of darker color markings across its chest.

Similarly, some populations of macaroni penguins may also feature this characteristic and tufts of bright orange feathers on their heads.

Although many penguins may have similar colors, unique patterns enable us to distinguish between species to examine their behavior and interactions with the environment more closely.

Do penguins ever get cold?

Penguins are known to be relatively resilient animals, capable of withstanding some of Earth’s harshest conditions. While they survive in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, they do not necessarily like such cold weather.

This is especially true for those species of penguin which inhabit the warmer regions within their natural range. In fact, research indicates that when exposed to too much cold weather, many penguins will seek shelter in remote regions and avoid further exposure.

Thus, it is safe to say that, yes, penguins can definitely get cold.

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