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Penguin Activity Sheets for Kids

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Don’t miss out on these Penguin Activity Sheets for Kids! These free homeschooling preschool worksheets talk about the penguin life cycle and give great information regarding the penguin species. These penguin worksheets not only help with reading comprehension but the pages also include a super fun penguin word search as well.

Use these penguin themed worksheets as a great way to increase your child’s knowledge about all things penguin!

educational penguin activity sheets

There are so many fun pages to this packet you’re going to want to sit down and join in on the fun. Help them out with the word search puzzle and take the time to learn about penguins with them as well.

What is going to be learned from this Penguin printable?

Your child is going to learn about the parts of a penguin that includes the penguin egg, and all the other parts of the penguin as well.

What it includes:

In addition to the word search, there are penguin shapes, parts of a penguin, penguin facts, and more.

penguin winter time activity worksheets

Fun ways to use this printable:

While it’s easy to just print and use this printable, there are a few other fun things that you can do with it, too.

Combine with a fun penguin craft

Why stop with just a printable? Have the kids look up even more great information about penguins. Then once they gather information, have them draw their own emperor penguin or create another great craft.

Talk about the life cycle in depth

If your child loves penguins, dive deeper into the information printed on these printables! You can talk about how a female lays eggs, newly hatched chick information, how chicks hatch, and how the penguins change as they age.

Cue up a documentary to go along with these printables

There are so many great penguin documentaries out there that you can cue up on the TV and watch as well. This would be a great way to educate the kids even more about penguins.

free printable penguin worksheet pages

More Penguin and Animal Printables:

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