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Moon Phases Coloring Cards

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Moon Phases Coloring Cards are a great way to learn about the phases of the moon. Use these simple coloring pages and activities to have fun learning with the kids. Perfect for adding to your homeschool lessons.

The fun part about this free printable is that it can be used as a coloring activity, book marks, or just a great way to pass the time on a rainy day. All great options!

As you can see, the kids will learn about the different phases of the moon, and even be excited to tell you all about it! This is such a great printable option for the kids!

What is the learning benefit of these Moon Phases Coloring Cards?

Who knew that there were so many different phases of the moon? This is where these coloring printables come into play!

The kids will not only be able to use their creativity and coloring skills to start and complete the pictures, but they’ll also be able to learn about the phases at the same time.

This activity is great for kids who are intrigued by stars, and space – and who like to learn new information to share with others.

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What it includes:

This printable showcases all the phases of the moon in black and water and some color. The various phases are:

  • new moon
  • waxing crescent
  • first quarter
  • waxing gibbous
  • full moon
  • waning gibbous
  • last quarter
  • waning crescent

Fun ways to use this printable:

The kids will have a blast with this printable – but don’t let the learning stop there. Here are even more fun activities and ideas to expand their learning fun!

Moon watch outside over the summer months

There’s something incredibly magical about spending summer nights under the stars, especially when you’re with your kids. Moon watching becomes a treasured ritual, where curiosity and wonder blend seamlessly with the warmth of the season.

Each night offers a new view—the moon’s phases casting different shadows and illuminating our world in silvery light. It’s a perfect time to teach your children about astronomy, share stories, and create lasting memories.

Gather a cozy blanket, some snacks, and perhaps a telescope, and enjoy the serene beauty of the moonlit sky together.



Create a silly story about the man on the moon

Encourage the kids to channel their inner-creativity and create a fun story about the man on the moon. This is something that they’ll love to do – and have fun doing! Here is an example of one that I just made up:

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived on the moon. He wasn’t just any ordinary man—he wore a space suit made entirely of cheese! Every day, he would hop from crater to crater, sharing jokes with the stars and playing hide-and-seek with the comets.

One day, he found a magic moon rock that turned his laughter into stardust, which he spread across the night sky. The twinkling stars you see today are thanks to his endless giggles!

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Use these great resources for more learning fun. Simply click the image to see the learning activity!

Work on the moon walk dance for fun bonding

Learning the moon walk dance can be an incredibly fun and memorable way to bond with your kids. Imagine the laughter and joy as you all attempt to glide smoothly across the floor, mastering Michael Jackson’s iconic move together.

It’s not just about perfecting the steps; it’s about creating cherished moments and building your children’s confidence. Plus, dancing is a fantastic way to stay active and healthy.

Gather your family in the living room, put on some classic tunes, and enjoy this playful activity that promises loads of fun and a stronger family connection.

More Printable Coloring Activities for Kids:

Creating more printable coloring activities for kids offers a fantastic way to keep young minds engaged and creative. Whether it’s a rainy day indoors or an opportunity to wind down after school, these activities provide both entertainment and educational value.

Kids can explore different themes, from animals to outer space, while developing fine motor skills and color recognition. Plus, printable coloring pages are easy to access and free to use, making them a convenient choice for parents and teachers alike.

Encourage your child’s artistic expression and imagination with a diverse selection of fun, printable coloring activities!



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