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Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables

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Reading the book Over and Under the Snow is a wonderful way to talk about hibernation and what animals do during the winter with your children. If you’d like to build a unit study around this topic, these Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables are a perfect way to get started!

These printable activities all feature learning ideas about animals that hibernate or live in snowy climates. There are preschool printables featuring Arctic animals, games about winter animals, and even notebooking pages that help kids learn more about animals that live in polar regions!

For more ideas on how to help kids learn about hiberation, check out this list of Where Do Animals Sleep in the Winter Crafts and Activities!

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables

What are fun ways to learn about animals that hibernate?

Have you ever wondered how animals hibernate through the cold winter months? There are lots of fun ways to learn about this amazing process.

First, you can visit a local zoo or animal sanctuary to observe animals in their habitats firsthand and ask questions of naturalists or guides.

Make it a game by trying to identify the animals that are likely to hibernate right in your backyard! You could also host a sleepover movie night with animal documentaries that explores different species’ sleeping habits.

Talk about the facts, ask questions together, and create an acrostic poem illustrating your learning.

It doesn’t have to be hard work – find out more about these winter wonders while having a blast!

How do I plan daily learning activities for the kids?

Planning daily learning activities for kids can seem daunting, but it can also be exciting and rewarding!

Start by breaking the day into chunks of time to dedicate to different activities. Consider simple tasks like coloring or reading stories, but also try to introduce more interactive activities such as counting games, science experiments, or educational videos.

Making lists beforehand for each day’s segment can help stay organized and reduce starting from scratch each day.

Also, mix in some fun with physical activity or free play that allows creativity and imagination, which both support learning.

With a little bit of planning and intention, families can make sure their children are engaged in learning experiences that are fun, meaningful, and enriching.

How often should we work on daily crafts and activities when learning at home?

Learning at home is an efficient way to develop new skills and knowledge, but it can be hard to keep up with daily crafts and activities without a structured schedule.

To get the most out of your learning experiences, it helps to set a goal of dedicating an hour each day to specialty crafts or activities.

It may seem like a lot at first, but having a routine allows you to carve out productive time specifically geared toward craft and activity learning.

Consistency is key; choose what you will work on for the next week, then set aside the same time every day for those projects.

Soon enough it will become second nature, and you will be armed with plenty of knowledge on completing these tasks!

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables:

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables

These Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables are great for teaching kids about how animals live in their climates.

Under the Snow Animal Printables
Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables for Kids

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables Resources:

Pick up these stories to use with your Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables!

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