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Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables

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Reading the book Over and Under the Snow is a wonderful way to talk about hibernation and what animals do during the winter with your children. If you’d like to build a unit study around this topic, these Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables are a perfect way to get started!

These printable activities all feature learning ideas about animals that hibernate or live in snowy climates. There are preschool printables featuring Arctic animals, games about winter animals, and even notebooking pages that help kids learn more about animals that live in polar regions!

For more ideas on how to help kids learn about hiberation, check out this list of Where Do Animals Sleep in the Winter Crafts and Activities!

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables:

1. Grab this Animals in Winter Hibernating Printable to learn about which animals hibernate during the cold weather months!

2. These Arctic Animal Flashcards are fun for preschoolers and kindergartners who are learning about animals that live in the Arctic!

3. This printable 3D Penguin Paper Toy is too adorable for words. The kids will love making it!

4. These printable Early Reader Hibernation Books are great for kids who are working on reading fluency!

5. Use playdough to work on fine motor skills and number work with these Winter Animal Printable Number Playdough Mats !

6. Get the kids moving indoors with this Printable Winter Gross Movement Game featuring winter animal movements!

7. These Printable Arctic Activities are an excellent way to help young children learn about animals who live in this part of the world!

8. Tots and preschoolers will love working with these printable Arctic Animal Packs!

9. Collect facts about penguins while making this Printable Penguin Circle Book!

10. Do your preschoolers want to do “big work”? This Printable Antarctic and Arctic Animals Preschool Pack is perfect for their grade level!

Under the Snow Animal Printables

11. Use these Arctic Animals Movement Cards to get kids moving like their favorite cold-weather creatures!

12. Challenge your upper elementary kids to learn more about winter animals with these printable Polar Animals Notebooking Pages!

13. Help your preschoolers work on counting with this DIY How Many Arctic Animals Printable Book!

14. Some animals hibernate in the winter, while others migrate. Teach children the difference between the two with this Hibernation Vs. Migration Sorting Printable!

15. This fun Arctic Animals I Spy is a cute printable game for young children to play!

16. Polar bears are some of the most incredible animals around! Kids will love learnng about them while making their own Printable Polar Bear Book!

17. Play a game of Blizzard Bingo with this printable Arctic Animals Bingo Game!

18. This printable Penguin Winter Clothes Color Matching activity is a fun, wintry way to help children practice color recognition!

19. Learn how to identify common winter animals in Spanish with these printable Spanish Winter Animal Flashcards!

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables for Kids

Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables Resources:

Pick up these stories to use with your Over and Under the Snow Animal Printables!

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