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Child Development Activity #1: Straw Soccer

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Child Development_Straw Soccer

Skills this child development activity enhances:


For ages:

    • Preschool 4 years +


Straw Soccer Materials Needed:

    • Small piece of paper
    • Flat surface
    • Short straw

Straw Soccer Instructions:

Crumple a small piece of paper into a ball and place it on your child’s play table. Show your child how to use a straw to blow the paper around the table. (You may wish to cut the straw in half first.) Set up goal lines and have a soccer competition with your child. Blow the paper back and forth, or try to blow it to a certain spot on the table.

Have fun playing this new game with your child!

Sharing is caring!

kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Wednesday 12th of September 2012

My dad used to play this game with me while we were waiting at restaurants. I had forgotten all about it! My kids will love this game. Thanks for linking up to the AfterSchool Party.