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My Printable Letter I Book

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It’s time to learn all about the Letter I! The kids will love having their very own “My Printable Letter I Book” that will help them learn all about the letter I words, as well as pair them with fun pictures that start with the letter I as well. Be sure to check out my other Find the Letter Worksheets for more alphabet-learning fun!

This printable letter book is perfect for showing how different letters look when they’re uppercase letters vs. lowercase letters, and also perfect for pairing with pictures that start with the letter i. Once they get done with this alphabet book, they’ll have great confidence in learning how to identify the letter I and also words that start with the letter i.

What I love about printable books is that the kids can use them to learn and also color them to bring out their creative sides as well! What a great way to combine art and learning – all in one printable format.

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

A printable book that focuses on one individual learning is a great way to help the kids understand and focus on just that letter. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, taking your time and working on them one by one will help them be able to identify and learn all about them.

What it includes:

You not only get one printable – but you get a whole book! This printable book allows the kids to be creators of their own books while learning all about the letter I. Every page has a letter i picture to help them learn how to read the word, color, and decorate the page.

This gives them the chance to create their own book they can return to and read later or show off to all their family and friends.

Fun ways to use this printable:

While the pages are formatted and ready to use, encourage the kids to think outside the printed pages and add to the learning fun.

This is their time to be creative and have fun doing so! Let them do something unique and different – and see what they come up with. Just in case you need some ideas, here are some fun prompts and thoughts to get them started.

Add more pages to the book

A book can be as long as they want it to be! Have them create new pages, draw new pictures that start with the letter i, and make their printable book even longer!

Make a “part two”

Once they’ve created and finished with book #1, why not have a part two that is all their own? They can use this printable book as inspiration to create something totally new. It can be all about letter I words, but have them pick the words that they want to use.

See if they’re able not to reuse any of the pictures or words from the first book – and let them go for it!

Create a letter I storybook

Now that this printable learning book shows the kids have many letter I words there are, see if they can use the letter I words from the book and create a new and fun letter i storybook! They can make it as wacky and as zany as they want – and just create!

They’ll be able to be their own published author and have a book that they wrote and authored as well. This is a great way to get them excited about creating and maybe even discovering a passion along the way as well. They might even want to sit and read their new book to you or have you be the one to color in some of the pictures!

More Printable Letter Activities:

Since it’s fun to focus on individual letters, here are some others that are great for learning. The kids will love having all this learning in one simple packet – and they’ll be able to color, create, and be a part of the learning process every step of the way!

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