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20 Rhyming Books to Sing

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These 20 Rhyming Books to Sing are so much fun! They’re the perfect way to get the kids interested in reading in a fun and unique way. Regarding reading, check out my Book Recommendations for all Ages!

I believe books are great for all ages, from parents to kids. Spending time together reading is always fun and a great family engagement.

There is such a strong connection between music and literacy, and while it might sound odd to hear, these are the classic tales that you may have even grown up singing. There are so many fun ways to use music and lyrics to play with different word sounds in your homeschool classroom.

How can I encourage kids to read more?

Reading is a valuable skill that is key to developing other areas of literacy and can have major beneficial impacts on a child’s future successes. For many, however, it cannot be easy to foster children’s enthusiasm for reading.

To encourage reading, parents and caregivers should strive to make books and reading enjoyable rather than focusing solely on their educational benefits.

This can involve maintaining a library of age-appropriate books in the home, trying out different locations for reading, such as outdoors or alongside digital devices, and exploring a range of genres and formats beyond traditional paper-based books.

Whenever possible, caregivers should engage in and enjoy reading with their children through activities such as joint story time or applied practices involving simple writing and drawing activities together.

With some effort and creativity from adults, children can learn not only why books are important but also why they are fun.

How often should children practice reading skills?

Reading is an essential skill, and providing children the opportunity to practice their reading skills can significantly impact their long-term language development.

It is recommended that children receive regular literacy instruction and practice, ideally beginning as soon as possible and continuing throughout their academic careers.

Depending on the child’s age, daily or weekly practice sessions are essential for reinforcing any recently learned concepts or maintaining previously acquired knowledge.

These activities encourage children to engage in reading for pleasure and provide a solid foundation for future reading abilities. Regular practice can even lead to the attainment of much higher levels of competency within a relatively short period.



20 Rhyming Books to Sing

If you’re looking for a way to make learning sounds and words fun for your kids, you’ve got to try these rhyming books! These are some of the best rhyming books that you can sing along to with your kids.

Here are 20 rhyming books that you can sing.

20 Rhyming Books to Sing

Use these rhyming books to have fun reading together as a family. The bright illustrations add to the reading fun!

Which of these fun rhyming books for kids are you going to start with first?

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