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Fun Memorial Day Toys for Kids!

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Memorial Day Toys for Kids

Teach your kids about and help them celebrate Memorial Day by honoring our fallen heros.  These toys and costumes are great fun time additions to your Memorial Day Unit Study!

Memorial Day Toys for Kids

Let the kids play with (use their imagination with) these toys while you are teaching them about this Holiday!

Inflatable Patriotic Stars Beach Balls 16 Inch, 12 Pack

Poppy Craft Kit

~ 6 ~ Patriotic USA Stamps Stampers ~ New

Ty Thomas – Red Bear with Flag

Memorial Day Costumes for Kids

Reenactments, role playing, etc are great teaching tools.

Deluxe U.S. Army Ranger Costume

Navy Seal Children’s Costume

More Memorial Day Resources for Kids

Find 20 Books to help your kids learn about and celebrate this year!

Find more Memorial Day projects, educational activities, and recipes here!

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