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Letter K Worksheets for Preschool

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These Letter K Worksheets for Preschool are perfect for learning all about the letter K. Be sure to check out my other Find the Letter Worksheets for kids!

Not only will the kids love learning about uppercase letters and lowercase letters, but they’ll be able to visualize the letter K so much easier now, too.

Using these printables to help better understand letter learning and the alphabet is a great way to help them prep and get ready to learn to read!

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What I love about each of these letter printables is that they have so many various parts to them. Not only do they have a picture that starts with the letter k, but they also have the option to trace uppercase letters and lowercase letters as well.

Plus – they’ll be writing out the word of the picture! Talk about a perfectly balanced way to help their minds understand the difference in how the same letter can look different and be used in a word!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one learning aspect. What I think is really important to highlight about these letter printables is that they’re great at focusing on one specific letter to ensure that the kids understand how to visualize and write it.

What it includes:

There are many parts to these alphabet worksheets, and you’ll love seeing them excel! This printable letter k activity includes:

  • coloring pictures that start with the letter k
  • tracing options for uppercase and lowercase letters
  • words that start with the letter k to trace
  • pictures that start with the letter k



Fun ways to use this printable:

You know I’m all about having learning printables that offer so much more learning fun, right? While you can easily print these worksheets for kids and let them get started, don’t forget to factor in some fun ideas along the way as well.

Have them make their own letter k worksheets

There are so many more words out there that start with the letter K! This means that you can ask the kids to think of more words and then have them draw the picture that goes along with the words.

You can even have them make the tracing section and then see if someone in the family wants to be their student!

Kids love to take charge and showcase what they’ve learned to a willing audience.

Have a letter k scavenger hunt

Once they’ve completed the worksheets and have a good idea of things that start with the letter k, have the kids go around the house and see what else they can find.

They can use the pictures that are already included in the worksheets or find all new letter k items that they can show you as well!

Once they find an item, talk about it, and then have them write it down. You can help with the spelling – of course!

Write out a silly letter k story

By this time, their brains are probably full of crazy letter k words that they never even knew existed! This is the time to let their imaginations shine and create a super fun letter k story. It can be like a Mad Libs story, where nothing really even has to make sense.

The point is for them to rack their brains in a way that has them spitting out silly words that all start with the letter k. Take turns going back and forth and see just how crazy the story can get!

printable letter k worksheets for preschoolers

Why is learning alphabet letters important?

Once they learn the letters of the alphabet, you’re going to notice how their learning and wanting to learn to read soars! It’s all about giving them the tools to help them succeed and then watching their confidence grow.

At what age do children start reading?

There’s no set age for when kids will start to learn how to read. Every child is unique and different – and that’s okay! Remember not to try and pressure them to read, but make it fun with learning printables like these.

The more that they enjoy reading and learning, the more that they’re going to want to do it on their own!

The best thing that you can do as a parent is to be their cheerleader. Sit back and give them the tools to succeed and then cheer them on as they grow. With each worksheet and printable that they make, they’re going to have more and more confidence to keep that momentum going!

More Printable Letter Worksheets:

Here are some other great printable alphabet worksheets that are great for learning. Use these as well and work your way through the alphabet.

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