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Letter G Worksheets for Preschool

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These Letter G Worksheets for Preschool are a great way to work on identifying the letter G! From upper case letter learning to lower case, the kids will know what the letter G looks like the next time that they see it! Be sure to check out my other Find the Letter Worksheets for kids!

From tracing to coloring in pictures that start with the letter g, these alphabet printables for kids are great for all ages to join in on the learning fun! If you’re looking for more alphabet activities, add these worksheets to your learning radar!

These letter g writing practice printables are fun because they’re more than just “work.” They’re cute pictures paired with handwriting skills and letter learning as well. Once the kids learn the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, they’re going to start being able to transition into sight words, too.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

These printable worksheets are the perfect letter g activities. Starting preschoolers and kindergarteners with letter tracing is a great way to practice writing the letter and work on letter recognition as well.

What it includes:

These alphabet worksheets are full of fun. What you’ll find in this free printable pack is:

  • tracing worksheets
  • various coloring page options
  • printable letter handwriting worksheet
  • pictures that start with the letter g



Fun ways to use this printable:

While you can easily print out these worksheets and use them as is, there are so many other fun ways that you can use them, too! It’s fun to be creative with the kids while they’re being creative with their minds and learning.

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Find more words that start with the letter g

Even though there are a lot of letter g coloring pictures and words in this packet, have the kids find more! They can then either draw them or tell you to write them out and then they can trace or copy to write the words.

Create a new practice worksheet

Once they get through with this printable packet, have them create a new worksheet that they want to add to the packet! This is a fun way for them to take charge and grow with their learning confidence.

Be silly with their words

Have the kids spout off as many words that they can think of that start with the letter g! This is sure to have giggles and laughter happening the whole time!

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