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Letter E Preschool Worksheets

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The kids will have so much fun with these Letter E Preschool Worksheets! They’re great for upper case and lower case letter learning! The great thing about these alphabet printables about the letter e is that they can work on them at their own pace.

These printable worksheets are great for younger children! Learning uppercase and lowercase letters at a young age is exactly how they start to learn how to read! What a fun and exciting time in their lives!

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These letter e worksheets are not only fun, but they’re educational as well. Every page focuses on letter e activities and shows the kids words that start with the letter e as well.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Every page of this alphabet worksheet packet can also be used as a coloring page. This means that they’ll learn about the letter e, work on their coloring skills, and also their tracing skills at the same time.

What it includes:

This letter e printable packet includes page after page of letter E learning fun. Every page focuses on a different letter E word that the kids will trace and color.

This packet is perfect for showing the kids that there are so many words out there that start with the letter E!



Fun ways to use this printable:

Sure, you can use this printable as is – but why? Use it as a launching point to do more fun learning activities! The following ideas are just a few fun ways to show the kids that they can think outside the box!

Have a letter E scavenger hunt

When it comes to learning about the letter E, have the kids find things inside and outside the house that start with the letter E. This will keep them looking and engaged and it will stir up some friendly competition, too! How many letter E items can they find?

Create Letter E crafts

There are so many crafts that the kids can do that start with the letter E. Have them draw an elephant, have them make an eel, stand still and have them draw your eyes and ears- the options are truly endless!

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Play Simon Says with a focus on the letter E

This is such a fun spin on Simon says, and one that will have everyone burning energy. Have the kids slither like an eel, fly like an eagle, march like an elephant, sizzle like a fried egg…the list goes on and on! All focusing on words and actions starting with the letter E.

As you can see, this letter E printable pack is a lot of fun for the kids! It’s a great activity for the kids to launch into other fun ideas!

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