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Over 15 Football Activities and Snacks for Kids

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What time is it? Football time. As you know Football Season is a huge deal for a lot of people. There are so many crafts and activities you and your child can do to get ready for the games. By baking or cooking, or coloring and cutting, you can have lots of fun this Football Season.

Over 15 Football Activities and Snacks for Kids

Over 15 Football Activities and Snacks for Kids

You and your kids can create some yummy dinner for the next game – this Football Meatloaf is adorable and delicious!

Check out these Books about Football for kids. There are many different ones. There are ten different books to look at and your child will enjoy them very much.

Print out the picture of the cheerleader to create a Toilet Paper Roll Cheerleader. The printable cheerleader is on the actual page. Using a toilet roll, and the print out, your child can color the cheerleader and create her!

Maybe your son plays football and it is his first year. This link for Football Safety Tips for Kids is excellent. Not only does it give advice for your children, but also helps you out as well.

Make a Football Goal Craft, by using just a few things; pipe cleaners, wool, duct tape and scissors. It is a great little craft for the kids to make, and they can enjoy a game of miniature football with their friends.

If your needing some new wall decor or a wreath for the front door, look no further. This cute Football Wreath idea is perfect. Using construction paper, paint and a few other tools, your child can create a football wreath using their hands.

This delicious Snickers Rice Crispy Treat is so adorable. The kids will love to help make this dessert, and especially love to eat it!

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You don’t have to just watch the game – get the kids prepared for a day of couch-gating by throwing in a movie the night before!  Choose one of these great Football Movies for Kids!

This awesome Book Print out is perfect. All you have to do is print out the picture, let your child color the pages, fold it up, and they have their own football book they created.

A project that takes a little more focus and time is Creating their own Football. Of course you just use simple tools to make this football, but again they will need your help cutting and using the hole punch.

If your child is crafty and enjoys cutting and coloring and gluing, let them make their own Football Player. Again using just construction paper and few other things, they can pick what ever team they like and make a player.

These Football Brownies are so cute, and of course very easy. You just use a simple brownie recipe, and use a football cookie cutter to make the shapes of the footballs.

Create a Backyard Football Game using either toilet rolls, paper towel rolls or even wrapping paper rolls. By using those objects your child can create their own goal.

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Windsocks are such a cute idea. This Fall for football season, let your little one create a Football Windsock. It is a super easy craft, and enjoyable.

With your help, your child can create their own Paper plate Football. With a paper plate, hole punch, ribbon and paint, they will have their own designed football.

This Bean Bag Football Toss is great for the whole family on game day. Of course you may have to do a little sewing, or gluing to help out with this activity, but it is worth it.

Check out these Football Coloring Pages. From football helmets, to the football itself, these coloring pages are sure to keep your child busy coloring.

How about changing up the game and doing a crossword puzzle. This Superbowl Crossword puzzle takes a lot of focus and patience but they can learn what different things are while doing it.

Using these Superbowl Bingo Daubers your child can decorate some letters of the alphabet. Also while doing this, they can practice writing what each letter stands for, such as Q is for Quarterback, and C is for Cheerleader.


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