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Uplifting Child Leaving for College Quotes

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Do you have a child that is getting ready to head off to college? If so, you need these child leaving for college quotes. Use these quotes as a way to motivate your child and find comfort for yourself as well.

Starting college is a big time for everyone in your family. Hopefully, these quotes will bring a bright light into your lives!

prepare for it today and more quotes about leaving for college

The great thing about these college quotes is that they can be used for all different ages. Most can even be applied to be true to simple daily activities.

Child Leaving for College Quotes

Send them off with a few words of inspiration and wisdom!

Stand out from the crowd.

Encourage them to remember their uniqueness.

You will learn something new every day if you listen.

Remind your child that their days will be full of learning and to embrace it.

Believe in yourself.

Your child has what it takes to succeed.

Follow your dreams.

College can be a great way to make your own path towards your goals.

The world is waiting for you.

Take charge of your future.

We’re always here for you.

Even though you’re sad to see them go, letting them know you’re at home for them is key.

Hard work pays off.

College isn’t easy but it does pay off.

It’s time to spread your wings and fly.

They’re ready, they just have to take that first step.

Goodbye’s don’t have to be sad.

Think of this goodbye as just a temporary hug until you see them again.

Open your mind to new possibilities.

They’ll experience so many great things once they arrive at college.

Leaving home isn’t supposed to be easy.

Isn’t that the truth? Home is where the heart is.

We’re always just a phone call away.

Picking up the phone and calling is a quick way to fill that void.

Write your own story. You’re starting a brand new chapter.

Creating your own new path is a fun way to create a new story.

Arrive early to class and sit in the front row.

Not everyone gets a college education, so pay attention and engage.

Be true to yourself.

Embrace the new experience but don’t forget your roots.

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