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12 Kid Friendly Places to Visit in Ogunquit, Maine

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Don’t miss out on these kid friendly places to visit in Ogunquit, Maine. Around every turn and corner, there is something fun just waiting to be explored. Planning your next family vacation here would be a smart -and fun – move!

Load up the car and head towards Ogunquit, Maine. It’s really such a beautiful place to visit!

Once you arrive, the adventures aren’t going to stop. It’s going to be a whirlwind trip full of beauty! Make certain to check out other kid-friendly things to do in the United States too!


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Ogunquit, Maine Activities for Kids:

The great thing about visiting this adorable town is that there really is a lot to do. Some of the stuff might be a bit spread out along the coast but it’s all driveable and easy to get to. Plus, driving along the coast of man is an adventure in itself!

As long as you and the kids are ready and looking for adventure, you’ll find it here. There really is something always going on here for everyone to enjoy.

Having fun checking out the list of family friendly activities below that are great for family fun!

Kid Friendly Places to Visit in Ogunquit, Maine

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1. Walk along Footbridge Beach

Who wouldn’t want to play at the beach? Make certain that you take a walk along Footbridge Beach so that you can really see everything along the coast.

Arriving near sunset is a great way to catch an amazing sunset, too! There are so many great views!

2. Visit Ogunquit Heritage Museum

Ogunquit Heritage Museum is a great stop on your adventure. Take the time to learn all about the area that you’re visiting.

If you homeschool, this is an amazing way to combine a bit of fun and education easily.

3. Grab lunch at Ogunquit Beach Lobster House

You can’t go to Maine without eating lobster so grabbing a bite at Ogunquit Beach Lobster House just makes sense!

Rave reviews are all you’re going to hear about this place so be prepared to love every bite. I hear they have great lobster rolls!

4. Play at Wonder Mountain Fun Park

Wonder Mountain Fun Park literally has it all. Play a round of putt-putt or spend all your money at the arcade!

You can even make it parents versus kids and really up the competitiveness, too.

5. Visit Ogunquit Museum-American Art

Have art lovers in your house? Going to the Ogunquit Museum-American Art gives everyone a chance to view art from the 1800s to the present.

Get ready to be in awe of the amount of artistic talent in one room.

6. Dine at The Wild Blueberry Cafe

The Wild Blueberry Cafe is known to have the best blueberry pancakes around! Wake up early and head to get a stack.

There are plenty of other good food options on the menu as well.

7. Sit around the firepit at BeachFire Bar & Grille

There’s no better feeling than sitting around the firepit at BeachFire Bar & Grille. The cool breeze and warm fire make it awesome.

Don’t forget to order some yummy food, too.

8. Spend time in nature at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Bird watching at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Pack up a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

There will be a ton of birds to see here so see how many you and the kids can identify.

9. Hike at Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Hiking is just one thing that you can do at Wells Reserve at Laudholm but don’t pass it up. The beauty of the land is inviting and you could easily spend all day there relaxing.

Bring your hiking boots and plenty of water for the trip! They have a lot of hiking trails!

10. Take a boat tour with Finestkind Inc

Taking a scenic boat cruise with Finestkind Inc is a once in a lifetime chance. Go on the lobster cruise or take a lighthouse cruise instead. There are so many great options!

The kids are certain to love this activity because there’s never a dull moment!

11. Catch a movie at The Leavitt Theatre

The Leavitt Theatre has it all. Movies, plays, and delicious food are just some of what they do.

You really can’t miss this quaint place in town. It’s a gem!

12. Immerse yourself in the town

Even though this isn’t a place to visit per se, it’s a really good idea to just get out and walk safely about town. Be one of the locals, ask questions, and discover some of your own activities as well. Don’t forget to peruse all the shops and restaurants.

The quickest way to find out the scoop is to get in the middle of the action! See what downtown Ogunquit has to offer!

Kid Friendly Places to Visit in Ogunquit, Maine

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