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12 Kid Friendly Things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine

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Are you looking for several ideas for kid-friendly things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine? This simple list of activities are fun for the whole family. The next time you’re wanting a day trip, weekend getaway, or even a fun family vacation, make certain that you have this list in hand to gather up all the great info. There are so many kid friendly things to do in the US!

Have fun exploring all of these fun activities and ideas!

Kid Friendly Things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine

Add this to your State Unit Studies as well because there are so many educational aspects that can be taught and learned about the state of Maine, too. Who says that you can’t combine learning and family fun on your next trip?

What you’ll notice from this list of fun activities for kids below is that there is literally something to do for a wide variety of ages. And once you have a blast here, continue that winning streak with all of these kid-friendly things to do in the United States as well!

Here are things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine with kids!

Kennebunkport, Maine Activities for Kids:

First off, if you’ve never been to Maine, you HAVE to go. There’s really no other place quite like it in the world. And when I say that, I also know that it means it’s packed full of fun, too.

You can easily spend days upon days here and still not do all the fun things that this town has to offer. In fact, that’s my biggest complaint. We never have enough time to see it all!

If you love visiting towns that you’ve never heard of before, this is one thta needs to be added to your list.

Kid Friendly Things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine

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1. Visit Gooch’s Beach

Spend a day at Gooch’s Beach soaking up the sun. The beach is long and sandy and it’s perfect for the kids to run about and play.

Arrive early as this is quite a popular place to be.

2. Ride the Intown Trolley

Take the Intown Trolley and get a good look at the town. You can easily sightsee while also getting to your destination, too!

And the kids will love being on an “old time” trolley.

3. Sail with The Pineapple Ketch

Sailing with The Pineapple Ketch is an amazing experience. The pricing is affordable and the views are truly priceless.

Don’t miss out on this unique adventure opportunity!

4. Rent a Bicycle

Why waste time walking when you can pedal all over town. Keep your eyes peeled for locations that you can rent a bike from in the downtown area. Coastal Maine Kayak + Bike is a great option!

Biking around town as a family is a great way to see so many more of the sites quickly!

5. Go Whale Watching

Did you know that you can easily go whale watching as well? There are so many fun things that you can see when you’re on the water’s edge. First Chance Whale Watching can help!

There are also charter boat options too that you can look at booking for potential tours.

6. Visit Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Visiting Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is a great way to spend the day outside, soaking up Mother Nature.

There’s a ton of fun bird watching, too!

7. Eat at Mabel’s Lobster Claw Restaurant

Mabel’s Lobster Claw Restaurant is the happening place in town. And it makes sense. You can’t go to Maine without having lobster!

Ask the locals what they recommend from the menu and give it a try!

8. Go hiking on Parsons Way Trail

Parsons Way Trail is a shorter hike that the family will love. It’s about 2 miles in length and should be doable for a wide variety of ages.

Pack good shoes and a water bottle and hit the trails!

9. Grab Treats at The Candy Man in Dock Square

Love candy? Then head to The Candy Man in Dock Square and grab some sweets! There’s no denying that everyone loves sugar every once in a while!

Better get some extra for later, too!

10. Take a lobster boat tour

Rugosa Lobster Tours is a fun lobster boat tour that will show you what it’s like to be out on the water! You’ve never experienced anything like this!

Book early because they sell out tours quickly!

11. Pick Berries at Patten’s Berry Farm

Who doesn’t love the thought of picking their very own berries? Experience this at Patten’s Berry Farm!

The ripe strawberries are the best!

12. Play on the playground at Mother’s Beach

Head to Mother’s Beach and let the kids play on the playground. They’ll love the activity and you’ll love the view.

Don’t forget to take a walk in the sand while you’re there!

Kid Friendly Things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine

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