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Kid-Friendly Ground Beef Recipes

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Kid-Friendly Ground Beef Recipes are a great way to make simple meals. If you’re looking for kid-approved recipes using ground hamburger meat, I’ve gathered up quite the list for you. All of these simple ground beef recipes that kids will eat are comfort food and simple recipes. Make certain to check out my Easy Ground Beef Recipes for even more delicious meal ideas!

You’ll find many of these family-friendly recipes are 20 minute or 30-minute recipes – perfect for a busy family!

Use these dinner recipes as a healthy dinner or a friendly meal for busy weeknights that kids love. Cooked ground beef in the slow cooker or the Instant Pot are some of my favorite recipes to make! Make certain to check out my Quick and Easy Ground Beef Recipes for even more delicious meal ideas!

What are some side dishes that goes well with ground beef?

The best part about ground beef is that it literally goes with just about anything! You can use veggies, mashed potatoes, or even just stick with the meat and forget about the sides.

I always try to find a balance when I make meat for dinner and add a starch and a veggie side dish if possible. Finding foods that are in season make for a great side dish, too!

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How can you use leftover ground beef?

Finding new ways to use leftovers is my favorite! You can make sloppy joes, toss in some tomato sauce and add some noodles to make spaghetti, or pile the ground beef high on some chips with cheese and sour cream.

 What type of ground beef should you buy?

When purchasing ground beef, it is important to consider the fat content. Generally speaking, higher fat levels are associated with a better flavor and juicier burgers. However, if health is more of a priority than taste, leaner options should be used.

Lean ground beef should have a 97% or higher lean-to-fat ratio. These may not always have the same taste as their fattier counterparts, but they will have fewer calories and fat for each serving.

Additionally, for those seeking a healthier option, there are also a variety of purveyors that offer grass-fed beef, which is usually leaner than grain-fed options.

Is it better to cook ground beef meat before adding it to your recipes?

Cooking ground beef meat before incorporating it into recipes can certainly aid in the preparation process, but the real benefit lies in safety.

When cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, ground beef is safe to consume. It has been rendered virtually free of bacteria like E. coli and salmonella that may be present in raw ground beef.

Thus, it is generally recommended that cooks take precautions by cooking their ground beef before incorporating it into recipes.

Not only does this significantly reduce the risk of foodborne illness, but it also ensures that the meat is evenly cooked and avoids the typical unappealing texture of raw or undercooked ground beef.

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What is the best way to drain grease from ground beef?

Draining grease from ground beef can be accomplished through a variety of methods. One popular approach is to use a colander or sieve to strain the heat-softened fat before transferring the strained ground beef into a sealable bowl for storage.

This method works best when the cooked ground beef has been chilled in a refrigerator for an hour or two first.

Another useful technique is to spread out the cooked meat over layers of paper toweling or napkins, allowing it to cool and absorbing some of the fat in the process.

Finally, cooling cooked ground beef in an open dish will regularly result in much of the fat solidifying and floating on top – once this happens, it can be skimmed off with a spoon.

Ultimately, each of these methods should prove effective, provided that the grease is not allowed onto other food items.

Is ground beef good for protein?

Ground beef is a great source of protein! Not only is it commonly available and cost-effective, but it also provides essential amino acids, including some that cannot be made in the body.

It has a good balance of essential fatty acids and contains several micronutrients, including phosphorus, zinc, and iron, which are important for regulating various bodily processes.

Although lean ground beef is particularly rich in protein – containing up to 25 grams per three-ounce portion – it is important to note that ground beef can contain varying levels of saturated fat depending on the cut used.

Therefore, careful selection when purchasing this type of meat can help to ensure you are getting an adequate dose of protein without too much undesirable saturated fat.

Can you freeze cooked ground beef?

Cooked ground beef can be frozen and stored for a few months as long as it has been cooked and cooled to a safe temperature.

It should be wrapped securely in plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or freezer paper before being placed into airtight packagings such as a sealed freezer bag or container. This will help to preserve its flavor and texture longer.

The USDA recommends eating food items within four months for maximum safety and quality.

Frozen cooked ground beef is best used for burgers, tacos, meatballs, soups, casseroles, and other cooked dishes which require additional seasoning for moisture and flavor.

How do you unthaw frozen cooked ground beef?

Unthawing frozen cooked ground beef can easily be done by placing it in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours.

Once the beef has thawed, it must be cooked within one to two days. Otherwise, it must be thrown away as it is at risk of becoming spoiled or a food safety risk.

It is also key to cook the ground burger thoroughly to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit as its being reheated; this will ensure any bacteria present have been eliminated and safe consumption is possible.

What is a substitute for ground beef?

Ground beef is a popular choice for many recipes, but it isn’t the only option. Generally speaking, when looking for a beef substitute, one should consider the texture and flavor of the dish before making a final decision.

Options such as lean ground turkey or chicken can offer similar flavor and texture to ground beef while providing a substantially lower fat content.

Plant-based options like lentils and cannellini beans are becoming increasingly popular as well due to their high protein content and lack of cholesterol.

Ultimately, the type of beef substitute chosen will depend on the recipe and the taste preferences of those partaking in the meal.

Kid-Friendly Ground Beef Recipes

Use this list of easy ground beef recipes as a simple way to make some hearty meals for the kids!

I told you that there were some good beef recipes on this list! You can literally meal plan out the entire month and have a ton of amazing and hearty meals!

Which of these ground beef recipes do you think that you’re going to make first?

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