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Homemaker Handbook Week Six: Redo and Refresh!

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Everyone will learn something from these cleaning tips and tricks!


On week six of the Homemaker Handbook Series, we are going to take a step back.  I don’t want anyone overwhelmed with their new-found clean out or organized schedule.  So, now that we have cleaned the main common rooms, let’s make a plan to keep them clean before we move on to the rest of the house.  Okay?

Are you just now finding this series?

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Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot of instruction for this day.  I have made a printable for you for you to print out and use.

The items on this to do list should only take about 30 minutes during your day.  If they take longer then you have too much on your list.  Remember, if you work outside the home you can split these tasks through the day!

Get your dailies printable to do sheet here!

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Sunday 3rd of March 2013

I like the series. It would be even more wonderful as a package to give to the young adults heading out on their own - getting life under control is not easy for them. However that would mean you would need to create a gender neural version (the guys do not understand that homemaker does not need to be a gender specific title. Just a suggestion for another wonderful package

Mama Bee Does

Tuesday 19th of February 2013

I like that if it takes longer than 30 minutes it means its too much.


Thursday 14th of February 2013

30 minutes is a long time when you're working two jobs. i like that you can split them up.

Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay

Wednesday 13th of February 2013

I like that you are giving participants the goals and materials to get their house looking better.


Wednesday 13th of February 2013

this really i sa great idea...