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Holiday Gift Guide for Expecting Mothers

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member who is expecting, or maybe just became a new mom? Look no further. This Holiday Gift Guide for Expecting Mothers will make it easier for you. From new things for the baby to stylish things for Mom, you can purchase the perfect gift for your loved one. These items have all been tried out by me personally. I recommend all of these items! They each have different qualities and uses.

holiday gift guide

Holiday Gift Guide Perfect for Expecting Mothers

Aden+Anais Organic Swaddles are a great gift for an expecting mother. They have many different designs and materials to choose from. Not only are they good swaddling blankets, but they can also work as nursing covers, burp cloths, changing pad covers and more.

Pink Blush Maternity is a must. They have amazing clothes. I love everything I received from Pink Blush. They have awesome deals all of the time. There are so many different things to choose from. Pink Blush has a line of comfy work out clothes, cute and comfy jeans, shoes and accessories galore. Pink Blush has a style guide to help you choose what is best for your every day look and special occasions. The materials Pink Blush uses are very soft and wash very well.

The NaturalFit All You Need Starter Kit By Chico is great! It comes with so many things you need. The bottle and pacifier system has been engineered to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of your baby. The set includes: 2- 5 oz bottles with Newborn Flow Nipples, so it is easier for your newborn to drink. 1- 8 oz bottle with adjustable flow nipples, and 11-oz bottle with a fast flow nipple, a medium flow nipple, 2 silicone orthodontic pacifiers, a bottle brush, a microwave sterilizer, and a teether for your baby!

A Kalencom Diaper Bag is exactly what an Expecting Mom needs! These diaper bags are top notch and full of fashion. You can choose different styles, patterns, shapes and sizes. I love my diaper bag, but that is my personal opinion. I recommend a Kalencom Diaper Bag. Kalencom is also more than just diaper bags. They have many things, including A Potty Training Kit, Cheeky Chompers and also accessories.


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Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Night Soother is perfect for a gift.  This cute Nightlight Soother is an Owl, and  it surely is adorable. This Nightlight Soother is great because whether you are expecting a baby girl, or boy, it can go for either! The Nightlight Soother does not require batteries, he plugs right into the wall. The glowing of the Nightlight Belly gives off great light. It can soothe your baby in three ways. It includes four melodies, 2 Mozart songs: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as well as 2 Lullabies: Brahms’ Lullaby and Rock-a-bye Baby. It also plays four nature sounds including the Rainforest, Jungle Crickets, Waves and White Noise with Heartbeat.

Just Born Wear A Blanket is designed for your baby to sleep safely and you to sleep soundly. It helps keep the baby safely covered with out loose blankets. What is a great idea, is the zipper that starts from the bottom and goes up, to help with diaper changes. It includes and easy comfort wrap to provide soothing tummy support and keep the baby positioned inside.

Mocktails are PERFECT for an expecting mother. She can join the Holiday Cheer, along with New Years, with her Mocktail Drinks. Mocktails are a line of all-natural, non-alcoholic cocktails. These are perfect for expectant and new moms. These easy shake and pour Mocktails allow new moms to still join the celebration and enjoy a drink. Flavors include: a Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Red Sangria and Lemonade Whiskey Sour. Each one comes in a re-usable glass  shaker bottle, so all you have to do is add ice, shake and pour.

A Baby Blooming Bath is just to adorable to pass up. This adorable bath is safe, and is also a fun way to wash your baby. Handmade from the softest polyester plush materials they could find, the Blooming Bath’s petals conform to any sink to cradle and protect baby for a safe, comfortable and fun bathing experience. It comes in a few different colors; Hot Pink, Canary Yellow, Turquoise, Ivory, Green, a combination of Turquoise, Pink and Yellow, and a combination of Green, Yellow and Turquoise. Check out more on the Baby Blooming Bath.

B-Sensible Breathable and Waterproof Crib Fitted Sheets are also a great gift for an expecting mother. They are made from Natural and Sustainable Fiber and are Fresh Effect Odor-Reducing. These sheets come in many different colors, as well as sizes. They are not just for newborns. There are sheets for toddlers, teens and adults as well. Check out B-Sensible Sheets here.

Have you heard of The Cozy Joey? If not, you need to know about it. This jacket is amazing. It is a game changing coat designed for the best baby wearing experience. You can wear this jacket as an all-weather 3 season coat for 3 phases of mom (maternity, mommy&me, just mommy.) Awesome right? This would be a great gift for a mom.

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