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We Are Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift

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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th – 10th and I had to rack my brain to decide what to give to one of Zachary’s teachers.  However, I know she has a cereal dispenser on her desk to reward the kids when they are caught being good (Thanks Mrs. Baria – that is SO much better than chocolate!) so I thought she would really appreciate this gift!  It says, “Thanks” and gives her something useable for her classroom!

Teacher Appreciation Printable Lucky Charms Idea

Though I only made one box of cereal, you could fill little baggies and tie them up with string to save money and allow you to make tons more gifts.

Materials Used:

    • Free “We Are Lucky to Have You” printable
    • Curling ribbon (pack of 4 colors from the dollar tree)
    • 4 x 3 inch piece of bright patterned paper (from Target)
    • 3 – 9 x 1/2 inch strips of coordinating paper
    • Box of Lucky Charms from Target $2.99

—The only thing I bought was the box of cereal, everything else I already had! So…

Total Cost of Teacher Appreciation gift = $2.99!

Printing Tip – Print on regular printer paper or photo paper. I printed my first one on cardstock and the color bled. To keep it crisp it is best to do it on photo paper, but regular printer paper will have less color bleeding than cardstock.


Step One:  Print out the free “We are lucky to have you” printable and cut apart each label.

Step Two: Cut a 4 x 3 inch piece of bright patterned paper and affix the tag to the paper square.

Step Three:  Cut three 9 x 1/2 inc strips of coordinating paper and affix in 3 lines across the top 3rd of the cereal box to add a bit of decoration.

Step Four: Decorate with cute ribbons and attach the label.

Ta-da! Easy-peasy (and cheap) Teacher Appreciation Week gift!

we are lucky to have you as our teacher

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Sharing is caring!