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The Best Homemade Soap Molds

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Have you ever wondered about the best homemade soap molds out there? Homemade soap is amazing and an important part of living a frugal life.

Making your own soap can help you save money, but it’s also a lot of fun.

I find a lot of joy making my own soap and using homemade soap molds that I find. Soap molds come in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s incredible. 

close up of different soap molds for homemade soap

Silicone molds are fairly popular when it comes to making the finished soap product. It might sound crazy, but a bar of soap can really change your life in a good way.

After you get the right molds, you’ll be making batches of soap in no time. Follow along to learn things like how to melt and soap, melt and pour, and even remove the soap.

Mold and soap and soap batter are two parts of soap making that I LOVE! 

How to Choose a Soap Mold:

Do you want to cold process soap? Do you want to pour soap? Maybe you want to use slab mold or loaf plans. You need to know what kind of soap you want to make before you choose a soap mold.  You can choose a silicone soap mold, wooden soap molds, and even a loaf mold. Once you figure out what kind of soap you’re making, you’ll be able to easily choose a soap mold. 

pictures of different soap molds for homemade soap

How to Get Homemade Soap Out of Molds:

If you’d like to get homemade soap out of molds, there are a few steps you’ll want to take. To pull the soap out of the mold, you need to hold onto the sides of the mold. Because the soap has been sitting in the mold for a while, there is a tight seal. When you pull on the sides, it breaks the seal. 

You will then want to flip over the soap mold and press on the back of it, very softly. Remember, you don’t want the soap to break. If you have some issues with the soap not coming out, you can simply freeze it and then try again. 

You’ll want to stock up on stainless steel molds, loaf pans, and freezer paper to make this process that much easier. Wax paper is also something you’ll want to have on hand! The best homemade soap molds are about to happen for you!

Best Homemade Soap Molds

Homemade Soap Recipes:

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