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Fall Handprint Art Worksheets

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The kids will have a blast with these Fall Handprint Art Worksheets! They’ll be creating and using their imagination – and their hands! Perfect for artistic minds!

If you’re looking for a fun preschool activity that will have them getting their hands dirty in a fun and creative way, this handprint activity is perfect!

Using hands and fingers, and toes are all part of the fun! Art isn’t creative unless it’s a tad bit messy, right? The kids will have a blast using these printables!

You must make room on the fridge to hang them all up!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

What I love about handprint art is that it shows the kids that art can be unique and messy and still come together and create something beautiful.

Every page of this printable gives them a chance to create a new look with new colors in a fun and unique way.

It opens their eyes to see that they can create something beautiful without making it complicated or over the top.

Learning that at a young age is a fun way to continue wanting to be creative as they age.

What it includes:

This fun handprint art activity includes MANY pages for them to use their hands to finish creating the pictures on the page.

Some pictures will have them putting their hands in different directions to complete the picture, while others will use just their fingertips to make the image come alive.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

There is no doubt that these printables are already super fun, but why not take it up a notch? The kids will love having even more activities where they can think outside the box to be active.

Here are some other great ideas for the kids!

Create more hand art pictures

Some popular options include handprint animals, fingerprint trees, and even creating a handprint bouquet.

Kids can use creativity to personalize their artwork by adding details like eyes, noses, and whiskers to their handprint animals.

Fingerprint trees allow kids to blend colors to create a unique and colorful tree.

A handprint bouquet allows mixing and matching different handprints to create a beautiful, personalized arrangement.

This hands-on activity is fun and great for kids to develop their fine motor skills and imagination.

Create artwork using toes

One idea is to dip your toes into paint and press them onto a blank canvas to make footprints. You can use other techniques to create a unique piece, such as painting around the footprints or adding details.

Another idea is to draw a picture with a pencil and then use your toes to paint it. This is particularly fun for children learning to grip and control their toes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, types of paint, and techniques to see what works best for you.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating artwork with your toes!

Create a story about the artwork

Creating a story about a piece of artwork is a great way for kids to use their imagination and creativity. As a parent or teacher, you can help facilitate this process by asking open-ended questions about the artwork and encouraging the child to describe what they see and feel.

You can ask questions such as “What inspired you to create this artwork?” or “Can you tell me more about the colors and shapes you used?”

Once the child has described their artwork, it’s time to build a story around it. You can help the child brainstorm ideas by asking questions like “What do you think might happen next in this scene?” or “Who are the characters in this story?”

With guidance, kids can create amazing stories based on artwork and develop their storytelling skills!

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How does art help with hand-eye coordination?

Art is an excellent tool for improving hand-eye coordination. Individuals must use their hands to manipulate paintbrushes, pencils, and other art supplies when creating art.

By practicing these fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination is improved as the eyes guide while the hands carry out the desired movements.

Additionally, artists must pay close attention to detail, focusing on specific areas of a piece of art. This attention to detail further strengthens hand-eye coordination by training the eyes to focus on specific points while the hands work to execute those details.

Whether painting, drawing, or sculpting, practicing art can be a fun and effective way to improve hand-eye coordination skills.

More Printable Fall Fun for Kids :

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