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Breast Cancer Awareness Game

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This Breast Cancer Awareness Game is full of pink ribbons and should be played with the mindset that it can help save lives. This game can be a great way to get educated about the facts about breast cancer as well as help someone close to you decide that it’s time to go get a mammogram as well.

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Make certain to check out my Breast Cancer Awareness Worksheets for even more printable information that everyone can do. This is a great way to get educated about the importance of breast health.

For more information about breast cancer and how to get screened, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation to find out more facts.

What is the best part of this printable?

While this is a game to play, it’s all about hoping to raise awareness of breast cancer. If you know a breast cancer survivor, this game goes over the many important things that you and the survivor have probably talked about at some point in time.

What it includes:

This educational breast cancer awareness game does a great job of giving facts about breast cancer and also options on how to hopefully make a crucial catch and discover it early. This is a great game to play for breast cancer awareness month or a fun idea to use for a cancer charity as well.

Fun ways to use this Breast Cancer Awareness Game:

While this game is all about education, think outside the box and see if you can use these games in other ways as well. Some simple ideas could be:

Play with your adult friends

Have a few friends over to your house and give this game a try! Who knows – maybe this will get them to want to have a mammogram and you can help make an appointment for it as well!

Do more research about breast cancer

So many people shy away from things that they don’t really know anything about. Use this printable game as a way to enhance your research skills to find out more.

Share this file with family and friends

The more people that can play this Breast Cancer Awareness Game, the better. This is a great game idea that is easy to pass along to others. It might just educate and save lives!

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