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Breast Cancer Awareness Worksheets for Students

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During October, everyone is encouraged to wear pink to bring awareness to Breast Cancer.

This three-part set of Breast Cancer Worksheets for Students will help you start the difficult discussion of what breast cancer is, how we can help fight it, and more.

In addition to these worksheets, we also have a few breast cancer awareness activities and craft ideas for your children.

Unless you have a friend or family member battling breast cancer, you may not have ever discussed it with your kids.

However, it is important to talk about it even if it’s just to plant seeds of self-awareness for later in life.

In addition to wearing pink, there are a few ways you can talk about breast cancer with kids without scaring them or worrying them.

Breast Cancer Awareness Worksheets for Students

Worksheets like these are designed to get students talking without about breast cancer in a way that won’t burden them with worry.

First, the word search is designed to introduce students to terms related to breast cancer – mammogram, genetic, cancer, and more.

You can discuss the meaning of the words and how they relate to breast cancer. This is sure to get a good discussion going about breast cancer and the things involved in detection, treatment, and more.

Second, you can let them design an awareness ribbon of their own. With paints and/or markers they can doodle a design on a ribbon to give to someone who is battling breast cancer. It would certainly brighten a fighter’s day to know that someone is thinking about them.

Lastly, encourage your kids to write a story about finding a cure for breast cancer. How did they discover the cure? How exactly does it work? Who will they use it on first?

This is a great way to culminate a discussion about breast cancer. See if your students can incorporate the things they’ve learned about this particular cancer into their story.

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