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Books about Martin Luther King, Jr for Kids

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In Southern Alabama we are VERY aware of everything that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us and everything he stood for.  Unfortunately, a good portion of the country seems to have forgotten!  As his birthday nears and Black History Month approaches, we should remind ourselves and teach our children.  These Books about Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids will help you teach your kids about the history of Dr. MLK and the Civil Rights Movement!

These Books about Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids will help you teach your kids about the history of Dr. MLK and the Civil Rights Movement!

Books About Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids

From stories to facts to coloring – these books will help you teach your kids everything there is to know about MLK!

1.  Parents quite often want to begin to teach their children about important aspects of history and culture even at the earliest of ages. This book is the perfect avenue through which parents can begin teaching their children about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.

2.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man. His words changed the way people thought, and his actions spurred them on to change the world. With simple, lyrical text and bold, kid-friendly illustrations, this book introduces Dr. King to the youngest readers and inspires them to change the world.

3.  A brief, illustrated, biography of the Baptist minister and civil rights leader whose philosophy and practice of nonviolent civil disobedience helped American blacks win many battles for equal rights.

4.  When Mrs. Conner’s class learns about a great man, they discover their own dreams and hopes for a better world!

5.  This book is beautifully-rendered study of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, told in simple, straightforward language for even the youngest of readers to understand. Pinkney’s scratchboard and oil pastel illustrations convey both the strength and gentleness of King’s character. Both text and art carry his central message of peace and brotherhood among all people.

6.  The most effective method used to influence children to read is to incorporate the information that interests them the most. National Geographic Readers are educational, high-interest, and comprehensive for children. In this title, readers will learn about the fascinating life and legacy civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

7.  This picture-book biography is an excellent and accessible introduction for young readers to learn about one of the world’s most influential leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Doreen Rappaport weaves the immortal words of Dr. King into a captivating narrative to tell the story of his life. With stunning art by acclaimed illustrator Bryan Collier, Martin’s Big Words is an unforgettable portrait of a man whose dream changed America-and the world-forever.

8.  From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter, Dr. Bernice A. King: “My father’s dream continues to live on from generation to generation, and this beautiful and powerful illustrated edition of his world-changing “I Have a Dream” speech brings his inspiring message of freedom, equality, and peace to the youngest among us—those who will one day carry his dream forward for everyone.”

9.  What was it like growing up as a son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? This picture book memoir, My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Martin Luther King III, provides insight into one of history’s most fascinating families and into a special bond between father and son.

MLK books for kids

I hope you and your kids have fun learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and America’s very important history!

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